Paleo Cookbook for Beginners

Paleo Cookbook for Beginners

In the spirit of the latest ever-growing trend of going green and living healthy, the popularity of the paleo diet has rocketed. More and more people are searching for information on this exceptional dietary plan that is said to guarantee health, a lot of energy, and a strong and fit body. Hence, we have decided to prepare a special guide to paleo cookbooks for beginners we would like to share with you. Here you will find all the essential information so that you can decide if the paleo diet is the choice you want to make.


What is the paleo diet anyway?

Paleo diet is an eating plan created so as to resemble the diet Prehistoric humans used to have around 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. It is based on the types of food these people used to consume before the farming era started and it aims at bringing balance to our bodies which have been negatively affected by the modern diet we stick to.  Moreover, it is convenient for both adults and children alike as there are some easy recipes for children they will absolutely love.

 Paleo diet significantly reduces the risk of some modern man diseases like obesity, diverse heart diseases, and diabetes, for example. As some of the vegetarian recipes that guarantee weight loss, these recipes guarantee to bring back the balance you have lost and also help you lead an active and healthy life which can be so challenging at times.


Allowed and forbidden types of food in the paleo diet

Those who would like to follow the principles and rules of the paleo diet have to be aware of the types of food that are allowed and forbidden in this eating plan. 

Paleo diet means avoiding dairy products, sugar, and artificial sweeteners, grains, most vegetable oils, legumes, trans fats, salt, potatoes, and highly processed food. 

On the other hand, types of food that are welcome in this dietary plan are fish and lean meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and oils from fruits and nuts.


The best paleo cookbooks for beginners

Here are some fascinating paleo cookbooks where you can find easy healthy recipes that will satisfy your palate.


1. 500 Paleo Diet Recipes by Jennifer Evans

This book offers a comprehensive list of paleo recipes that will soon convince you that the paleo diet is the right choice. These dishes will both improve your overall health and also conquer your taste buds instantly. They are delicious, healthy, and incredibly easy to make. 

In this paleo cookbook, the recipes are well organized into several categories – breakfast, lunch, main dishes, side dishes, snacks and appetizers, and so on. Thus, you can find what you are looking for in no time. 


2. Paleo in 28 by Kenzie Swanhart

Paleo in 28 is much more than a simple cookbook. It is a paleo diet plan that will help you make significant changes in your everyday diet to reach the goal of living healthy, enjoying cooking and eating high-quality food. 

In this book, you will find a detailed meal plan for four weeks. The plan is flexible and will not be difficult to follow. Furthermore, there are 130 paleo recipes that require no special skill or a lot of time to prepare since you will need up to five ingredients for them.

Also, there is a chart to set weekly plans and follow them easily. Finally, you can read an overview of the key information you need to know before you opt for the paleo lifestyle.


3. The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook by a group of authors

10 paleo bloggers have prepared this most comprehensive collection of paleo recipes. Here you can find as many as 900 recipes for gluten and grain-free dishes. Besides weeknight dishes and slow cooker recipes, you will also find some budget-conscious meals that are tasty, inexpensive, and very easy to make. 

The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook also contains a chapter that is aimed at making going or staying paleo as easy and stress-free as possible. We admit that making the first step is always the most difficult part, but when you are given such an abundance of recipes to choose from, finding something that suits your taste is never a problem.


4. Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition, by Diane Sanfilippo

Since the first edition was a resounding success, Diane Sanfilippo has recently published a new, second edition of her book Practical Paleo. When it first appeared, the book attracted a lot of readers’ attention since it illustrated in a simple way that eating real, whole foods can be a genuine pleasure for both your body and your palate.

By following her paleo recipes, you can prepare healthy meals that are tasty and cause no difficulties to customize your diet to these new rules. 

The second edition is much improved, with some new chapters added and some new recipes, of course. You can find out how to go paleo at once or get used to it gradually.

Diane explains how organizing holidays, parties and various gatherings in accordance with the paleo lifestyle is possible. Finally, including your kids in this new concept of life is also desirable. So, enjoy cooking together and eat well and healthy.


5. The Paleo Cookbook for Kids by Jennifer Robins

This book is the perfect choice to make your youngest picky eaters eat healthy food. The recipes will help you make meals that are in complete accordance with the kids’ nutritional needs. To their satisfaction, these dishes are designed for their tastes, so kids will definitely love them.  

Apart from 100 paleo recipes, you will also find ideas on imaginative ways to include your kids in the kitchen and let them cook with you. These joint projects will be an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about paleo and explain the advantages of this lifestyle. 

The Paleo Cookbook for kids is an exceptional helper for all those parents whose children have to follow some dietary restrictions. So, if you are one of them, studying a paleo cookbook like this is an intelligent decision.


6. Beginner Paleo Cookbook by Scarlet Aphra

This book is for all those who think embracing the paleo diet is a complicated and demanding task. Beginner Paleo Cookbook offers some mouthwatering, easy-to-make and yet delicious meals everybody will love.

You will find numerous recipes for each of your meals, even some perfectly healthy and yet irresistible desserts. So, read, cook and enjoy. It is possible indeed!