Food Blog Names 32 Creative Names for Your Food Blog

Food Blog Names: 300 Creative Names for Your Food Blog

Maybe one of the hardest things to do when starting a food blog is thinking of a name. Well, your food blog name will become your brand, so you should do everything in your power to make it sound catchy, delicious, and memorable. But, with all those blogs and names out there, how can one be creative? How can one choose a name that is different like and not already taken by somebody else? Do not worry, we are here to help you out.  First, we will give you some guidance on how to come up with a name, and then we will give you some examples of our own. With amazing food blog names, you need some really good food photography too. So, keep reading to find out creative food blog names for your food blog.


Start Brainstorming

An afro man writing something on a paper with a pen.

As previously mentioned, if you want your blog to be successful, you must have a name that will stand out. It must be something completely new and catchy. And that requires a lot of work and research. It is a good idea to start by thinking about your vision.

Ask yourself what will you be writing about? Will it be a general food blog, or dedicated to some specific types of food like chocolate desserts, vegan foods, or something third.

Then, once you know for sure what will you be writing about, start selecting words and phrases form your concept or vision. Take a notebook, or even better, a blackboard, and write as many words and phrases as you can. Then, look for synonyms online. Try to mix and match everything. If you are not successful at finding a dot COM website, you can try different spellings or go for your country-specific domain suffixes like dot UK or dot NZ. This is a process of trial and error, so do not hesitate to keep going.

We have to acknowledge that for all foodies out there, having a blog is a great idea. You can experiment with and try out as many different meals as you like. Write about subjects you find interesting, and most importantly, you can get paid to blog about food. However, there is a catch! As you can see, a lot of people don’t realize how challenging blogging is. Of course, it is if you want to blog about cuisine for fun and to amuse your friends. However, you must be prepared to put in a lot of work if you want to become a professional food writer and make a livelihood from it. 

It may sound utterly unsurprising, but one of the biggest challenges food bloggers encounters is coming up with creative and appealing site titles. In our case, it took some time before we could create a good that eventually turned into an income stream. We picked subjects we knew a lot about since we were sure we could write well and come up with a lot of ideas.

Over the years, several of these blogs have performed better than others, but none of them has met our expectations. We thought that what we were doing was right.

We could only identify one reason for our failure: we lacked the subject matter expertise to write about. Then we decided that perhaps we ought to write about this since we have so much knowledge and experience with food. We decided to try it out and start a culinary blog.

At first, things went well, but still not as planned. We were really in a situation of desperation since this was something we wanted to do and we chose to write about a subject in which we have experience.

Then it dawned on us: of course, it has to do with a food blog’s name!

We were so focused on the caliber of the content, style, etc. that we completely missed the importance of creating a culinary blog name. Since we were anxious to begin blogging, we chose a name that, from this perspective, today appears abrupt and even unclear. After altering the blog’s name and observing its growth, we had another epiphany.

Imagine how challenging it must be for people who are just starting if it was challenging for us.

We decided to share our experiences and insights with those of you who are passionate about writing about food.

One of the most crucial aspects of beginning a new blog is selecting a name for the food blog. Make sure the name you choose for your food blog is catchy, unique, and most importantly, different from other food blogs with similar titles that are currently available online. Here are some food blog name suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, along with my top suggestions for coming up with a name on your own.

Do you already have a name for your food blog? Continue reading to learn more!

Can one start a food blog without a name, though?

Before anyone gets to the intriguing parts of this piece, they should address the first issue. Many people think that picking a name for your blog before launching it is essential. Although this is true in general, one of the reasons we love Bluehost as a server is that it enables you to start your food blog even if you haven’t decided on a name yet.

As soon as you move your mouse as if you were going to leave the screen, this pop-up will appear. You can then come up with a name after that!

What Should the Name of Your Food Blog Be? Five suggestions for food blogs’ names:

Do you have a name in mind for your food blog?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five ideas to get you started on naming a fictional food blog.


Select the type of food blogging you want to promote.

The first step in coming up with a name for your food blog is deciding what kind of blog you want to start. Picking highly specific expertise will not only help your blog stand out among the sea of blogs. But it will also make it simpler for you to select a name that is directly related to the content you’ll be providing.

In your Blogging Fast Lane course, we refer to this strategy as “finding your Blue Ocean.” Choosing a blog theme that is distinctive enough to stand out among the many food blogs on the internet is necessary to achieve this.


Get Name Ideas from Popular Food Blogs

After deciding on the type of food blog you want to start, take into account other blogs in the sector.

What are the names of some popular food blogs? What are the names of the food-related blogs that you specialize in? This is a very useful method for getting ideas because it shows what works (especially if it’s a popular blog), what sounds catchy, and what can work for your website.

Additionally, you may have noticed that many food blogs’ titles have a similar format, which may have inspired you to create your own.

Tip: 3

By brainstorming, compile a word bank of food-related words. Once you’ve drawn your fill of creative ideas, it’s time to think of a name for your blog.

A sizable word bank should be created throughout the brainstorming session, and as many ideas as you can be written down. You’ll have lots of room to play around with the name of your food blog if you do this.

To create a word bank, two separate lists can be established.

One list should comprise common food, culinary, eating, and kitchen keywords. While the other list should contain words related to your area of expertise. Write down all of the ideas or words that spring to mind after letting them flow freely for a while.

Tip: 4

Be Original in the Words You Use

You now have a lengthy list of several phrases. It’s time to spice things up a bit. You might think that many of the possibilities on your list of terms are very straightforward, but you can use a thesaurus to come up with some more interesting choices.

Spend some time at looking up new words and choosing extra, connected sentences to add to your random word. You don’t need to change anything; you just need to add more terms to your vocabulary so you have more options.

Tip: 5

Compare & Contrast to Find the Perfect Name for Your Food Blog

Now is the time to experiment with different word combinations to get a blog name you like. To find out which words go well together, spend some time trying different word combinations from your random word. You might need to add conjunctions or other adverbs to finish the mixing and matching, but this phase should be simple depending on what sounds good.

To make it easier for readers to quickly comprehend the purpose of your blog. Try fusing cooking-related jargon with more general concepts.

Here are a few broad ideas to bear in mind while you look for funny food blog names!

Make use of alliteration

One way to make your blog name memorable to readers is to use alliteration. This explains why it’s so easy to recall names like Best Buy and Dunkin’ Donuts! The same holds for food blogs. Just think of well-known examples like Love and Lemons and Budget Bytes.

Play with words

Another tactic for persuading readers to remember the name of your blog is to play around with phrases in a memorable way. To make a pun or play on words that will stick in people’s minds, combine terms. An excellent example of this is the blog Gimme Some Oven, which plays off the phrase “gimme some lovin’.”

Combining words can also result in a lyrical blog name that is easier for visitors to remember. Making sweet and eats rhyme is how the food blogs Smitten Kitchen and Home Sweet Eats do this.

Use Your Name

One more way to spice up the mix-and-match process is to enter a contest. Food bloggers (and bloggers in general) frequently use their names in the blog’s title to personalize their sites.

For instance, the blogger’s name can be seen on well-known culinary blogs like Cookie and Kate, Joy the Baker, and Alexandra’s Kitchen.

Name of Food Blog that can be used

You’re probably ready to launch your food blog right now now that you know how to pick the best name for it. 

Here are some names for potential food blogs that sprang to mind while writing this article. However, if you want more inspiration or to see how the process is done. As you read this piece, if you come up with any ideas for names for food blogs, you may check if they are available using the widget below.

Generic Food Blog Name Suggestions

You could do better to choose a name for your food blog that seems more normal. If your blog will discuss a variety of culinary styles and food-related topics. Even so, you shouldn’t give your blog a boring name! If your blog is generally about food, having a name that stands out is even more crucial.

The best way to come up with a title for your regular food blog is to display your personality and sense of style. Your personality won’t change, even if the blog topics you write about to do.

Consider these generic names for food blogs:

  1. First Move is Food
  2. Meals on a Monday
  3. [Name]’s Kitchen Table

Dessert food blog name suggestions

Blogs with a desserts-focused aesthetic Who wouldn’t want to lose yourself in the frosting and chocolate cake recipes? Dessert-centric food blogs are a great idea, especially if you enjoy baking or have an intense sweet tooth (like me!).

Think about how people feel after consuming sweets while coming up with a blog name to highlight your culinary creations. hyperactive, excited, glutinous. In the name of your food blog, you can mock any of them. 

Due to its somewhat ominous appeal, desserts may also be described as “mysterious,” “tempting,” and “wonderful.” all great words to base a blog name on!

Here are some ideas for names for food blogs on desserts and baked goods:

  1. Munching on frosting
  2. The dessert, please
  3. Desert with crunch cookies

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes. There are candy, pies, ice creams, sweet chocolate, and who knows what else. Moreover, these deserts can be vegan, raw, organic, and those old-fashioned caloric ones. 

There is something for everybody’s taste, that is for sure. And what is more, they will never go out of style, either those big complicated 5-layers cakes for special occasions or those simple dessert dips for every day. Again, you will find millions of dessert food blogs online, so be extra careful when choosing a name for your blog: Here are some ideas:

  • Cookies 101
  • Beyond Frosting
  • Call me Cupcake
  • Crazy For Crust
  • Passionate About Baking
  • The Pastry Department
  • Cookie B0ss
  • Oh, Ladycakes
  • Taste of Sweetness
  • Hello Sweetness
  • Flirt with Sugar
  • Dessert Kitchen
  • King of Baking
  • Make to Bake
  • Dough Kitchen
  • Dough Department
  • Baking Boss
  • Life of a Dessert Cook
  • Like of a Baker
  • Baker Central
  • Sugar Mornings
  • Lean Sugar
  • Desserts of the world
  • King of Desserts
  • Queen of Desserts
  • Dessert Dominance
  • Dessert Domination
  • Dessert Dance
  • Baker’s Ball
  • Baking Ball
  • Sugar Sunday
  • Cookie Corner
  • Colour Cookie
  • Eat Prey Bake
  • Once Upon a Cookie
  • Cookie Man
  • Baker’s Street
  • Dessert Heist
  • Fifty Shades of Cookies

‘For the Love of Chocolate’ and ‘Chocolate Heaven’ are great names if your blog is dedicated to chocolate delights. 

Names for Blogs about Healthy Food

Clean eating and healthy living are very popular right now, and innumerable food blogs focus on these topics. If you’re thinking about starting a healthy food blog, you need to select a particular subject and a name that will make your website stand out from the competition.

When deciding on a name for your healthy food blog, take into account your recipes. Are they made with losing weight in mind? to a direction of optimism? Do you plan your meals? Your blog’s name can allude to these distinctions.

Now think about all the ingredients you use to make delicious foods. What ingredients do you add to the mixture—vegetables and spices? What would you say about your health?

Here are some ideas for names of healthy eating blogs:

  1. Fresh, healthy foods
  2. Eat raw food
  3. Meals prepared by [name]

Nowadays, fortunately, people really started to appreciate healthy foods. And you can see so many healthy food blogs and healthy meal ideas online.

That is both great and not so great. It is great because it means that people are really into these kinds of blogs and that your site is probably going to be popular. But, it is not that great, because the competition is huge and it is going to be hard to pick a name that does not exist already.

However, it is nothing to be worried about. Just think about your favorite healthy meals or healthy ingredients.

Think about all the fruits, veggies, and spices you use while making them. Again, try to mix and match all the words you think of, and coming up with the name for your food blog will be as easy as those easy healthy recipes. Here are some ideas:

  • Changing Habits
  • Clean Eating 101
  • Love And Lemons
  • Yummy and Healthy
  • Eat Yourself Skinny
  • Fit People Cookbook
  • Plant-Based Cookbook
  • Sugar-free Cook
  • Cook Zero
  • Diet Cool
  • Diet Recipes
  • Calorie Cook
  • Fitness Cook
  • Leaner Fitter Stronger
  • Lean and Healthy
  • Lean Taste
  • Make it Lean

Healthy food blogs are thriving and booming nowadays. Take advantage of that! 

Names for Recipe-Based Food Blogs

By using standard recipe blogs, you can share your viewpoint on cooking. From breakfast through dinner and dessert, you can give readers a wide variety of delicious recipes they can make at home!

What makes your cooking unique? Which tastes do you use? Who or what motivates you? These questions might help you select a name for your food blog that both expresses your unique taste and intrigues potential readers.

The following ideas are for recipe blogs:

  1. Supplying spices 
  2. Made-at-Home Delightfulness
  3. In the Kitchen of [Name]

Names for Food Blogs: Reviews of Restaurants

Food bloggers use a distinct strategy when reviewing restaurants. They go out and review eateries for others rather than sharing their meals. What a fantastic job!

Food blogs need to be engaging, memorable, and narrowly focused to appeal to a niche readership. if they intend to take on well-known restaurant reviewers like Zagat and Open Table. If necessary, a food blogger is willing to battle.

Here are some ideas for blog titles that mention restaurant reviews:

  1. My Epic Cookbook
  2. A Tour of [City] for Foodies
  3. Always eat out

Food blogs are becoming more and more popular all around the world. If you want to write and like to cook, you may combine your passions to create a blog that will bring you a lot of fun and satisfaction. It’s probably going to be a dependable source of income as well.

You can get an idea of the direction you should go by observing the decisions your competitors made when deciding on names for a food blog.

We hope the ideas for food blog names we’ve given you here will help you on your way.

General Food Blog Names

If you will be writing about all sorts of foods in your blog, then you must pick a more general name.

But, that does not mean that the blog name should be blunt or boring. On the contrary, you should pick something interesting that will invite people to your blog and make them share it. A good blog name will take you places. So, here are some examples:

  • For The Love Of Food
  • Head Over Meals
  • Cook On The Bright Side
  • Cuisine Culture
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • Dish a Day
  • Flavours 101
  • Kitchen Jungle
  • Eat Water
  • King Cook
  • Foodify
  • Master Chef
  • Kitchen King
  • Sweet Recipes
  • Corner Blogger
  • Foodcart Recipes
  • Cooking for dummies
  • Chicken Kitchen
  • Modern Recipes
  • Food Stories
  • Kitchen Fiction
  • The Pursuit of Kitchen
  • Kitchenball
  • The rise of Kitchen

A name can make or break your blog.

Healthy Food Blog Names

Vegan Food Blog Names

Vegan Food Blog Names

And when talking about healthy foods, most people like to mention vegan foods as well. In the past, people thought that eating vegan was more than boring.

But, today, thanks to all these blogs you see online, people really started to change their minds. So, we have those healthy vegan blogs to thank for inspiring us to eat clean and healthy meals.

But, of course, these blogs would not attract our attention if they had boring and uninviting names. Once again, you have to be nothing less than super creative when choosing a name for your vegan food blog where you will include all of your vegan wonders.

Here are some examples:

  • Vegan Eats and Treats
  • The Kind Life
  • Oh My Veggies
  • Fork and Beans
  • Blissful Basil
  • Raw Lemon
  • Chick Vegan
  • My Whole Food Life
  • Environment Cook
  • Cook of the future
  • Future recipes
  • The bean bag
  • The Green Cook
  • Modern Day Cook
  • My Green Kitchen
  • Vegan Life
  • Vegan Kingdom
  • Make it green
  • Organic recipes
  • Green and Organic

Your food blog name should be as creative as the recipes you write about. 

Dessert Food Blog Names

Well, who does not love desserts? We all do! Of course, eating it every day is not going to be good for our bodies, but eating it every once in a while will not hurt us.

Your Blog Name Must Be Unique

Gone are the days where you can simply add ‘cook’ to your name, and have yourself a blog or a cookbook.

People want something unique, different, something that will make them stand out. So, choose something interesting and playful for your food blog name.

However, besides making your blog name unique to make it stand out, you must also make it unique in order to save yourself from any possible lawsuits.

You can do that by simply googling and seeing whether the name you chose appears on any sites or social media. If it does not, great, the only thing left to do is to secure your domain name and start posting.

Good luck! We wish you a foodie success!