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Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas

The type of food you serve at your wedding will have a big effect on the whole event. Your food choices should create a lasting memory, which means you should pick a buffet style that most of your guests will enjoy. At the same time, the food choices should reflect you and your partner. The main advantage of having a buffet style is that you get to display a big cuisine that allows befits your guests, including the picky eaters. However, getting through the food lines can be a problem, which is why you should hire the most efficient caterer to offer. A good caterer will know how to manage the lines to ensure it moves quickly and everyone gets their food choice. Also make sure you put wedding hashtags for making it convenient to get more ideas! 


Buffet menu ideas

The classic menu Most people often go with the classic buffet menu because it is faster to serve, which means your guests won’t get tired waiting in line. This menu is also easier to serve because it contains some of the common food groups such as chicken dishes, beef dishes, dinner rolls, pasta, and salads. You can also have side dishes. Just because the classic buffet menu has basic food items doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can still get a caterer that gets creative with them and makes them in different options.

The themed menu

Having a buffet menu that suits your wedding theme is another great idea that can create a lasting memory. You could have an Italian theme, a southern theme with a lot of barbeque foods, a Mediterranean theme, or any other theme you prefer. Although themed menus can limit your food style, you still need to make sure there is enough for everybody. For instance, you must include options for vegetarians and vegans. The more options you have, the better your wedding.

The dessert menu

Every wedding should have dessert and possible coffee. Your wedding cake should not count as dessert, and the sweet choices you chose should match the theme of the main course. For instance, if you choose a Mexican theme for your buffet, the dessert menu should consist of fried ice cream, tres leches cakes, and other sweet Mexican foods. One of the easiest ways of serving dessert is to have a dessert station where guests can pick whatever they want at the end of the wedding. Mix up the flavors and colors to create the perfect blend. 

A food station menu

Instead of having a buffet table, have a food station. You will give the guests a chance to mingle, and you won’t have to deal with unmoving lines. Food stations are also better at displaying the various food items you have prepared, and they give you several options. You could have a salad station, a self-service station, or a serving station that has chefs preparing fresh meals at the request of the guests. 



The best part about these buffet menu ideas is that you can combine two or more to have a unique food setting at your wedding. Don’t forget to add customized props such as hashtags, couple initials, and props in your color scheme. Any good caterer in Essex will be able to implement these menu options easily. Just make sure they are reputable and can execute your wishes.