Top Facts on Bodybuilding and Sports Supplements

Recently, it was reported in a local daily that millions of people worldwide take sports supplements hoping for a range of benefits including muscle building and weight loss. Unfortunately, some weight loss products are being sold illegally and can be harmful to users.  

Sports supplements have become very popular amongst bodybuilders, weightlifters, and gym goers. This is especially with the health and muscle-building benefits that they bring to these users. People who are interested in bodybuilding may opt for supplements that help them in muscle building when combined with physical activities such as weight lifting. However, it is important for users to learn about bodybuilding and weightlifting supplements so that they can make the right decision on the topic.   

It is also important to know that the bodybuilding and supplement industry is growing fast both on the high street and online. Unfortunately, this growth has led to some illegal products being sold to unsuspecting consumers. In fact, these ‘slimming’ and ‘fat burning’ products have even been linked to a small number of deaths around the world. But despite being illegal, these products are still available for sale online from suppliers based in Asia and other regions around the world. 

The best option, therefore, is to go for products that have passed local standards and laws whether you are making the purchase from the UK, USA, or Europe.

 Using protein to build muscle 

Protein is one of the most important building blocks for tissues and muscles in the body. This is because protein consists of amino acids, the main ingredient for building muscle in the body. Protein body-building products may come in the form of bars, powder, shakes, and capsules. Such body-building items can be bought legally both online and over-the-counter stores.

The products are marketed as having the ability to promote the growth of muscles around the body, promote metabolism, slow aging, boost energy, and enable you to reach peak performance. Users may choose to take these supplements before or after the workout to enhance performance and promote recovery, add them to their regular diet to boost protein supply, or drink them between meals. Whatever the case, you will be adding essential amino acids that are needed for muscle growth and recovery.

And although shakes are the most preferred protein supplements on the market, they cannot replace normal meals for they do not contain cheap the same level of vitamins and minerals that you would normally find in ordinary food. This means that bodybuilders who only rely on supplements for the provision of essential amino acids could be just wasting their hard-earned cash. Research has also revealed that an increased intake of protein can increase the chances of osteoporosis and kidney disease.  

How to take protein supplements

 If you are looking to take sports supplements, there are some tips that you should follow to make the process beneficial. Before you start working on building your body it is advised that you do proper research and follow reliable blogs like the black which updates daily bodybuilding guides, supplements reviews, and more.

Nutritionists advise bodybuilders that a simple change of diet is essential for a healthy body. For example, instead of taking milk and cereal in the morning, you could opt for yogurt, muesli, and fruit. This will boost the protein supply in the body while at the same time providing you with essential vitamins and nutrients. After you have done this, you can then fill in the gaps with a reputable brand of bodybuilding supplements.

It is however important for all consumers to read the label on the container carefully. This is to ensure that you are taking the recommended daily dosage of the supplement to avoid overdose. If you are not sure about how to consume the product, you should consider talking to a nutritionist on the subject. The nutritionist will then advise you on the right dosages that will not cause health effects on your body. Also, protein bodybuilding supplements are not recommended for children due to the lack of information on the long-term effects.

Illegal bodybuilding supplements

Health regulatory agencies around the world have continuously warned people about buying illegal bodybuilding supplements. This is because the supplements might contain harmful ingredients that may cause seizures, kidney failure, and heart problems in the user. Drug agencies have said that the said products normally have high levels of hormones, steroids, and stimulants. Therefore, it is important for bodybuilders to verify the originality of a sports supplement to see whether it meets the required standards or not.

Alternatively, it is important to get your bodybuilding supplements from trusted sources to ensure that you are getting a good product.



Bodybuilding supplements can be very helpful to a bodybuilder in the provision of essential proteins for muscle building. In addition to taking a healthy diet, it is important for bodybuilders to go for genuine bodybuilding supplements to avoid suffering bad health effects on their body. Therefore, ensure to make your supplement purchases from trusted suppliers only.