Top Cooking Classes in Italy

Top Cooking Classes in Italy

After thorough evaluation and review, here are some of the best cooking classes in Italy.


1. Taormina Cooking Class, Sicily

Established and run by Gianluca, the Taormina cooking class focusses on preparing traditional Sicilian delicacies with fresh produce from the market and top-notch staff.

Given its small kitchen, they only do small cooking classes and they are worth a try.


2. Florence Cooking Class, Tuscany

Run by Eating Europe and situated in a less touristy part of Florence, this establishment offers professional classes in Italian cuisine from its food studio.

Participants here get the hand-on experience right from picking the right ingredients themselves at the market to preparing at least four whole meals.


3. Pisa Cooking Class, Tuscany

Top Cooking Classes in Italy

According to experts from, from Italy, pizza is now one of the most popular food inventions to be ever created.

While in Italy, it would be a great idea to learn how to make one. The original way, right?

Well, the Massimo on ToursByLocals has a comprehensive pizza-making class in the countryside next to the Tuscan city of Pisa.

Here, you will get a hands-on approach to making your pizza.


4. Florence Cooking Class, Tuscany

As the name suggests, the Wanna Be Italiano Cooking Class in Florence is equipped to teach anyone the art of making traditional Italian foods from scratch.

By this, I mean you will get excellent guidance on how to pick your ingredients from the market to meal preparation.


5. Rome Cooking Class, Lazio

Top Cooking Classes in Italy

For an original feel and mingling session with the locals, we recommend Ristomama’s pasta making classes that take place in actual homes.

Rome has an amazing landscape view and this sinks well with most of these rooftop-based classes on how to make pasta and sauce from scratch.


6. Pizza Making at Origano, Rome

Pizza Making

Pizza making process can be a dirty affair in Italy.

Being the home of pizza, it does not get much better than learning how to make pizza from a seasoned pizzaiolo.

Well, this is the case if you enrol in the pizza-making classes done at the Origano restaurant at the heart of Rome.


7. Forlimpopoli Cooking Class, Emilia Romagna

Founded by the famous father of Italian food Pellegrino Artusi, Casa Artusi is a food institution in itself that touts on its professional classes.

The entire food course is run by Associazione Delle Mariette who sees to it that different groups get exactly what they signed up for.

Luckily, English cooking classes can be arranged upon request.


8. Naples Cooking Class, Campania

Top Cooking Classes in Italy

The Toffini Academy runs comprehensive pizza-making classes.

Situated in Napoli, pizza’s birthplace, no pizza lover should go by without visiting this place.

Here, you will be acquainted with the Neapolitan culture, pizza history, and thorough pizza-making processes.

You will learn to make the three main types of pizza, and taste them as well.


9. Milan Cooking Class, Lombardy

Italian Pasta Carbonara

As a recommendation from Airbnb Experience, Pietro’s pasta-making cooking class is one of the best home-based pasta cooking experiences you might be looking for.

Pietro’s home is situated in the beautiful city of Madrid and he teaches both groups and individuals on the art of making true Italian pasta dishes


10. San Gemini Cooking Class, Umbria

The Percosi con Gusto is a cookery school run by an Umbrian local chef and well-known personality called Loretta Autuori.

In this cooking school, you will be taught how to make a different set of flavoured delicacies that are special to the Umbrian culture. Here, attention to detail is everything.


11. Le Sfogline Cooking Class

Top Cooking Classes in Italy

The Le Sfogline sisters have been making handmade pasta for more than two decades and have also taught celebrities over time.

To learn this craft too, you can call them up to book a reservation.


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