Top 5 Tips for Recreating the Café Experience at Home

Did you frequent coffee shops before the pandemic? Do you miss the distinct vibe that your favourite café evokes? Would you like to recreate the coffee shop experience at home?

From getting specialty coffee in Dubai to purchasing your very own grinder, we’ve listed below some of the top tips for recreating the best café experience at home. Read on and get ready to sit back, relax, and savour every sip of your homemade cup of joe.

COVID-19 and Coffee

According to a Euromonitor International report published in January 2021, the coffee economy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2020 leaned favourably towards local coffee companies. This positive retail volume is spurred on by mandated closures of local cafes and other food establishments and the increased coffee consumption at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought on several changes, and these have trickled into the coffee industry. Aside from some people’s discomfort with going out for their usual coffee run, stay-at-home orders and work-from-home set-ups have led to people making their cups of coffee in the safety of their own homes.

Several coffee trends have also sprung up as people are confined to their homes because of the COVID-19 situation. This includes the Dalgona coffee-making hype featured on digital platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. On top of this South Korean candy-inspired coffee sensation, other trends include shifting to more sustainable coffee options and shops offering their coffee products through online selling and subscription services.

If you’re one who misses that distinctive experience of relaxing inside your favourite coffee shop, don’t fret. You don’t have to go out to have a delicious cup of coffee, anytime. Here are some surefire ways to recreate that special café experience at home:

1. Set the Ambiance


Create your own coffee-inspired space at home if you miss the distinctive look and feel of your favourite café. Depending on your time, effort, and resources, you can start small or go big.

For example, if being cooped up inside the house made you climb the walls, why not direct your frustration and energy towards prettifying the walls instead?  A little tweak here and there may suffice. Rearranging chairs and tables, adding a rug, or hanging up some coffee-inspired framed prints can make a difference.

You can also use a new home wallpaper to create a coffee nook at your place. A wall makeover can already do wonders to create the café ambiance that you like. Choose warm colours for a cosy feel, or go bold for a day full of verve.

2. Coffee Sounds Good

According to a Harvard Business Review article, the sounds in a coffee shop can help you focus on your work. If you previously found yourself being more productive in a coffee shop than in a cubicle, you can also recreate that café atmosphere at home.

Mimic that coffee shop environment by searching for “coffee shop background noise” on Spotify and you’ll have a wealth of options to try out. You can also find coffee shop playlists on digital music platforms so you can chill and focus on what you need to do.

3. Buy the Trimmings

Coffee equipment sales went up, with some manufactures even posting up to 70 percent growth. Coffee grinders, pouring kettles, and other coffee-making equipment have seen an uptick in sales simply because people want to enjoy café-like coffee at home.

If you also want to relish practically the same taste of coffee at home, investing in high-quality equipment would be ideal. You can start by buying a scale, so you know how much coffee you need to brew the perfect cup. Even if you can’t buy an espresso machine, you can still create that coffee shop look and feel with fancy cups, dark and tightly-sealed ceramic or glass canisters, or a good ol’ coffee maker.

What you purchase depends on how serious you are about your coffee and how much you can afford to spend.

4. Get Good Coffee

You can’t get that authentic café feel without good quality coffee. When creating a home cafe, you must get yourself some delicious beans (or grounds and drip pouches, whichever you prefer). It doesn’t matter if you are into blends, single-origin, or rarities. These can all be found online. However, remember to choose a supplier that roasts coffee using techniques that highlight each bean’s natural characteristics.

Thankfully, you don’t even have to step out of your home to acquire exceptionally good coffee. There are online coffee suppliers that can send you a variety of your most favourite flavours. Whether you want a smooth and sweet Ethiopia decaf, a Rwandan blend of citrus, florals, and brown sugar, or the sought-after taste of a Panama Geisha varietal, all you need to do is order it online.

You can even take advantage of fantastic offers such as a 30-day coffee calendar with a diverse selection of drip bags or a goodie box full of your favourite coffee drip pouches.

5. Learn Barista Tricks

Of course, the café experience will be even more exciting if you can spend some time learning a few (or a lot of) barista tricks.

Elevate your home coffee experience as you learn how to grind beans correctly, measure them to create the perfect cup, and concoct coffee creations that will please your taste buds. There are plenty of recipes and resources online and offline that teach you how to create all-time favourites like cappuccinos and lattes, and maybe even coffee-based desserts like affogato and coffee jelly.

Start by buying specialty coffee from suppliers who support sustainable coffee practices, invest in the essential coffee-making equipment and spend time learning and perfecting coffee-making techniques.

Create Your Own Home Café

If you can’t start a day without getting an extra jolt from your favourite roast, then having an in-house café would be perfect. You can simply rise and shine as you take a trip to your coffee corner and delight in every sip of quality, homemade coffee.