Top 5 Superfoods That Are Tasty As Well 

What is the one thing that’s stopping you from getting healthy? Those irresistible pizzas, the cheesy pasta and the sizzling hot brownie. We’re sure you relate to it. Exercising is still a valid option, but leaving dieting and avoiding some of our favourite foods is a challenge. 

But who says healthy food cannot be tasty? And no, we aren’t talking about those recipes that involve a thousand steps and create a ridiculous ‘healthy’ alternative of your unhealthy food. We’re talking about superfoods. 

As the name suggests, superfoods provide a high amount of nutrients and very few calories. It supplies a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals and boosts your healthy diet. By adding these superfoods in your diet or your regular meal to get the benefits and make you feel at least a little less guilty about cheating on your diet. 

Here are healthy superfoods that are also easy on your tastebuds. 


Berries are rich in vitamins. There are various types of berries available like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries. They are also a good source of fibre. Fibres help to keep your digestive system healthy and clean. Liven up your oatmeal spread by adding a few berries, or mix them in your protein shake. Your sweet tooth can now be satisfied healthily. 

Sweet Potatoes 

Things that you love the most hurt you the most. That’s the case with potatoes. But in this case, sweet potatoes become your shoulder. They are rich in potassium, fibre and vitamins. They also help in blood sugar control according to some research. 

There are many ways to enjoy sweet potatoes. You can swap the regular potatoes in your french fries, burritos or more with this superfood. If you are craving something savoury, just slice it up and fry yourself some sweet potato chips! 

Green Tea

There are many health benefits of green tea. It is reducing the risk of cancer, improving brain function, and so much more. It provides amino acid L-theanine to your body which may reduce anxiety. Also, this is very helpful for weight loss. 

If you can’t handle green tea as is, try adding a little lemon or honey to jazz it up. If you are into spices, you can go for cardamom, cinnamon or ginger. 


Is it a vegetable? Is it a fruit? Good news, it’s a superfood! Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and also vitamin B6. They have many different health benefits. It keeps your heart healthy and protects you from strokes. It supports weight loss and makes your skin healthy. 

We can use tomato food in the form of salad, sauce, ketchup or even as a topping on Pizza! Just kidding. Make sure that the tomato ketchup you are using does not contain high preservatives or sugar. It’s better to make your fresh sauce to keep it healthy and according to your taste and preferences. 


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Nuts are a popular food. They are a good source of fat, fibre, and protein. They may improve your health in many ways, such as reducing diabetes and heart disease risk. 

Nuts can be eaten directly as a snack or as an ingredient in desserts and other dishes. You can eat nuts daily. Having nuts between meal times also makes you feel full for longer and thus you’re likely to eat less, supporting your weight loss too. There are different types of nuts available in the market: almonds, peanuts, and walnuts, which gives you plenty of choices. The best part, they can be included in your keto or vegan diet! 

Along with eating these superfoods, make sure you are following a healthy and active lifestyle to nourish and enrich your body!