Tips For Constructing The Ultimate Burger

Everyone’s burger preferences are different. Meaning the perfect burger to one, could be a terrible burger to another. A classic hamburger is made your own when you build it up with the highest quality toppings and condiments. 

But therein lies the challenge: how can you build the ultimate burger? Knowing everyone has their own personal preferences, is there even a way to craft a burger that will satisfy every single person? 

While it might be impossible to build a burger fit for everyone, there are a few classic toppings and ingredients that have earned their stay as burger regulars. Some of the most delicious burgers around the world are made with these tried-and-true favorites. Only once you’ve experienced them can you go on to tweak your burger accordingly. 

Just what are those ingredients, though? Let’s take a closer look.


Deconstructing The Best Burger

Breaking down some of the most popular burgers in the world would look something like this: 

Begin With The Bun: a fluffy bun that’s soft enough to the bite, but sturdy enough to support all of your toppings is necessary. Some of the classics include a pretzel bun or even seeded buns. 

Mustard Mayhem: some may think of ketchup in terms of classic burger condiments, but on the contrary, mustard has been known to truly accentuate all of the flavors of the beef patty. 

Fatty Beef: the juicier the better, meaning you’ll want to prioritize patties with at least 20% fat. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s always the 40$ fat patties as well. Freshness is key, though. 

Decadent Cheeses: preference truly shines through in each burger creation through the cheese selected. You can never go wrong with a melted piece of cheddar on your burger. For even more intense flavor profiles, Gouda and American cheeses are great selections. 

Don’t Forget The Pickle: throw a few sliced pickles in the mix to balance out some of the flavors. The more the merrier. 

Delicately Sliced Onions & Tomatoes: the flavors of these two toppings are unmatched in terms of burger experience. The raw flavors of an onion and each hearty bite into a sliced tomato can truly make all the difference. 

Lettuce For Texture: not only does this add another element to an already amazing burger, each bite provides a crunchy addition to the experience. Most commonly used are Iceberg and Romaine. 


Building Your Burger

Again, this often comes down to preference, but some of the most popular burgers in the world go through this process of preparation: beginning with the bun, slather some mustard on each side. Slide the burger in between these two buns, followed by the layer of pickles, topped by the sliced onions and tomatoes, all capped off with a beautiful cut of lettuce. Perfection. 

Need more inspiration for crafting your perfect burger? Be sure to take some time to review the infographic accompanying this post for more visualization of the best burgers around. Courtesy of Big Deal Burger