The Modern Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most versatile rooms within a household. It serves as a functional hub that requires a well-thought design that protrudes an aesthetic elegance. The need for multifunctionality is paramount and should fuse effortlessly with a strikingly beautiful finish that caters to the lifestyle of its inhabitants. 

As practicality is at the heart of a kitchen’s overall design, the need for smart storage solutions that subtly embed and enhance the living space is essential. Nothing quite matches this marrying of function and style like a fitted kitchen pantry. 

A sought after solution, it maximises on storage space whilst meeting the demands of the everyday modern way of living. Kitchen pantries have experienced a resurgence due to their practicality and their strikingly visual appeal that really brings a wow factor to a kitchen. 

Design opportunities possibilities are endless and will help achieve a timeless statement. Whether it be a traditional country kitchen pantry style or a contemporary take, the bottom line is that it remains a timeless feature that many should consider as part of a new installation.  

Pantry doesn’t just mean an adjacent room full of shelving. The definition is yours to outline. Hide your belongings cunningly away behind a beautiful set of bifold doors. 

Some take this a step further and incorporate a pantry into a hidden away breakfast station. This can house many of the day to day breakfast appliances, such as a coffee machine or a toaster, freeing up counter space and adding a wow factor for visitors stopping by for a cup of tea.

Often mistakenly seen as something exclusive to large country homes, the nature of the pantry has changed. A skilled designer will be able to add as much contemporary flair as you like into your new kitchen, and adapt a classic concept into something that is purpose built for a modern home.

Whether it be online or at your kitchen showrooms in London, make sure to work with a local provider so you can show your fitter real life examples of what you’re looking for. Lots of things can get lost in translation and nothing is more disheartening than a kitchen renovation that goes wrong.