The 20 Best Road Trip Snacks You Can Pack

It’s not only you who is thinking about taking a road vacation. Road trips have become increasingly popular recently due to restrictions on international travel. And this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Whatever your destination, there are a few things you must bring before you get behind the wheel: a great playlist, some of the best road trip snacks to fend off hunger pangs, and a full tank of petrol.

Is it just us, or does it seem like normal eating “rules” are ignored while you’re on a road trip?

A Snickers snack before breakfast and ice cream for dinner is now considered acceptable options.

We believe that it is appropriate to eat unhealthy food while driving because there aren’t many other options. And also, there are options at gas stations, corner stores, and fast-food outlets along the road.

If you’re lucky, you might come across a couple of spare bananas to grab along with your bag of potato chips; to make yourself feel a little less bad. But in reality, you’re just fooling yourself. Generally, your options are restricted to a selection of delicious treats with vivid colors. It deprives your body of any nutrition. This is happening at the worst possible time. Your body is already running at a low level of energy as a result of sitting immobile for hours or even days. If you include sugary food in the equation, you will miss out on a tonne of exciting road trip experiences.

Our families come before snacks at People’s Choice (for the most part). We are the ones who enjoy traveling and sharing snacks. So, we have some knowledge of vehicle journeys and what to pack. As a result, we have compiled a complete list of the best foods to bring on a road trip.

People’s Choice has been hand-making the best, healthiest, and mess-free road trip snack for more than 90 years. We also carefully weighed the opinions of various health professionals.

We took into account how well each snack fell into the following categories; when choosing which ones to include in our list:

# Counting both protein and sugar

Our snacks ought to be high in protein and low in sugar. They are therefore an advantageous addition to your diet that will enable you to feel fuller for longer.

# Element caliber

Almost all of our snack options are good sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. By doing so, their quality is improved, and any fake additions are removed.

# Easy to carry

We made sure that every item on our list was both easy to prepare and safe to eat while driving. Because eating while driving is never straightforward. These meals are ideal for long drives; such as those from Los Angeles to San Diego or from Los Angeles to Chicago.

# Taste: Spoilers ahead

They’re all very delicious!

Here are the best 20 convenient, healthy road trip snacks:

Protein Bars

Protein bars are a common type of snack food for a Road trip. It is designed to be a rapid source of nutrition. Many people appreciate them. Because they are an easy way to add protein and other minerals to a busy and active lifestyle. Given the wide range of protein bars on the market; it’s important to realize that not all protein bars are created equal.

Potential benefits 

Protein bars can make an easy, nutritious, and prepared-to-eat snack. They provide a range of flavors and typically last for a while, making them useful to keep on hand. It is a well-rounded bar with a decent amount of protein and premium ingredients. Protein Bar can be a good option for your way of life if you’re looking for a road trip snack. Protein bars are usually regarded as a convenient replacement for meals, especially morning. A meal packed with a variety of healthy whole foods is preferable to a protein bar. However, they may be useful in a pinch. If you occasionally want a quick breakfast, protein bars with higher calorie counts. But no added sugar or hydrogenated oils might be a fantastic option.

Caramel Popcorn

Those who are addicted to caramel corn will appreciate this dish. If you think there is no way to make your own without making a huge mess, reconsider. This recipe for caramel popcorn uses the microwave. This is not a drill, people! Yes, you only need one useful kitchen tool to make that tasty, crunchy, and attractive golden-brown caramel popcorn.

Potential Benefits

Popcorn is good for the digestive system and tract because it is high in dietary fiber. It encourages digestive regularity, keeps you feeling full throughout the day, is necessary for a healthy metabolism, and may even help prevent colon cancer. A bowl of caramel popcorn is also a great replacement for other less-healthy snacks. As it has a lot of fiber, it may help reduce cravings for them.

Texas Trash

Despite its terrible name, Texas Trash is a gem. It tastes sweet, salty, and savory. Since it contains Cheerios, pretzel chips, peanuts, and various Chex bowls of cereal. However, things don’t end there. The umami-rich, buttery, garlicky sauce that is drizzled over the selection of crunchy treats unites them. In the end, they are put in the oven to add more crunch.

Potential benefits

The majority of Texas Trash is made up of crunchy snacks like pretzels, chips, crackers, and Chex cereal. Although other ingredients vary from recipe to recipe, the three different kinds of Chex are a constant. Each serving of Texas Trash contains 230 calories. The calories are made up of 8% protein, 41% carbs, and 51% fat.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are excellent for giving you sustained energy throughout the day. Their high cost is the sole disadvantage. Don’t just stock up on granola bars to make money. Set it aside for souvenirs and pocket money. This straightforward, economical formula takes care of your problem. These homemade granola bars. It includes almonds, oats, peanut butter, maple syrup, and dates. These are equally as delectable as any that you can purchase from a store, if not even more so.

What is ideal? You can eat as many granola bars as you want for a far lower cost.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A batch of chocolate chip cookies is the only thing that can make a long drive more joyful. These classic candies are well known because they are delicious. However, these aren’t your standard chocolate chip cookies. The well-known Doubletree cookies, which are huge, absurdly chewy, and buttery, are imitated in this recipe.

They are a lovely combination of creamy and crunchy since they include walnuts in addition to chocolate chips.

Bagel Chips

Do you have any expired bagels left over? Make bagel chips out of it to wisely use it. These crunchy, crispy snacks will tempt you to devour them all day and night. Making it is quite easy. Use seasoned bagels for a nice snack; if not, use unseasoned ones and season them yourself. You can offer them sweetness and spiciness with BBQ sauce or cinnamon sugar. In either scenario, these chips will be popular on road trips.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to road trip snacks. However, I can guarantee that you’ll want to take this delight with you wherever you go. In a can, chickpeas usually come out mushy and soft. But when you bake them, something wonderful occurs. They get crispy and tempting. They are seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices and are so tasty they will blow your taste buds away.

Potential Benefits

Chickpeas sometimes referred to as chana in Hindi, have 269 calories per cup (164 grams). These calories are made up of protein and fat remaining calories, making up about 67% of them. Along with a variety of vitamins and minerals, they offer a significant quantity of protein and fiber. Additionally, chana, a variety of chickpeas, has a high concentration of choline, a substance crucial for preserving brain health.

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almonds and chocolate go great together. Combining them could result in an even better snack. I can never say no to chocolate-covered almonds. They strike the perfect harmony between smooth and crunchy, sweet and nutty. Completely compulsive, they are. I prefer to make them myself as opposed to buying them. It is more reasonably priced and tastes just as good, if not better.

If you want to stay within your budget, you must try this recipe.

Since eating almonds can be so healthful, there is no need to indulge in these pleasures secretly. The following health benefits of chocolate-covered almonds:

  • Reduce the likelihood of having a heart attack
  • Lowering “ungood” cholesterol
  • Protects the arterial walls from injury
  • Help create healthy, strong bones and teeth
  • Contain beneficial lipids that aid in weight loss.

Almonds can be incorporated into chocolate in a variety of ways. To celebrate this national holiday, prepare some goodies utilizing this traditional combination. We ARE CONFIDENT that chocolate with almonds will satisfy your cravings and enhance your physical well-being.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Would you care for some water? If you’re looking for a sweet, satisfying, and cold beverage to bring on your next road trip; this smoothie is the best option. Bananas with peanut butter are a tried-and-true combination. They might be blended into a smoothie for a truly delectable refreshment. It will keep you full for the duration of the protracted travel.

Potential Benefits

This recipe for healthy banana smoothies is a superb option:

  • Bananas include large amounts of fiber, potassium, and vitamins B6 and C.
  • Peanut butter has both healthy fats and protein.

In general, a peanut butter smoothie can aid in weight loss provided the right ingredients are used. Smoothies created with healthy components such as fruit, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter may be more nutrient-dense and satisfying than other breakfast options.

Trail Mix

This is a snack that both kids and grownups alike. This trail mix contains more than just dried fruit and nuts. It has a 12/10 rating for color, flavor, and texture. Pretzels, Cheerios, mini marshmallows, and M&Ms are also included. It’s so fantastic that it’s practically impossible to stop munching on it.

So that each person has their own, I urge you to pack your belongings in smaller bags rather than a single, huge one.

Fire Crackers

Let’s face it: eating saltines isn’t fun. If there is any way to avoid it, saltine crackers will surely ruin your car trip. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn the boring crackers into something entertaining. Those uninteresting squares will become something fun thanks to this firecracker recipe. Saltin crackers are baked till golden, and then spicy melted butter is drizzled over them. It simply makes a remarkable difference.

Homemade Energy Balls

If you have the time to prepare them beforehand, these homemade energy balls are ideal for you. They are delicious, convenient, and great for traveling. Whether you roll them into balls or form them into energy bars, they make the perfect nutrient-dense recipe. Oats, coconut, peanut butter, flaxseed, and other nutritious components are included in these nibbles. They are rich in protein and nutrients. Carry them with you by placing them in a bag.

Apple Chips

Even though vacations with friends and family are usually fun, a long flight can get boring.

With a bag of chips in hand, what could be a more entertaining way to pass the time? These apple chips provide a healthier option even if potato chips undoubtedly remain the most popular. They are just as crispy and crunchy as potato chips, but they won’t make you feel guilty about eating them.

Coconut chips

Everything coconut appeals to me. Whether it’s a cake or a cookie, I’ll eat it all. As soon as I saw this recipe for coconut chips, I knew I wanted to try it. These coconut chips are just amazing! They have a great crunch and are sweet, crunchy, and nutty. Because they are sprinkled with a little salt, they also have a savory and sweet contrast.

Additionally, these chips are healthy.

String Cheese

If you don’t feel like something crunchy, swap those crunchy cheese snacks with regular cheese. Cheese sticks are a good source of calcium, vitamins, and protein. The ideal time to either disassemble it and get creative or serve it with fruit is during a snack. Your car won’t give a damn. The best part is that if you run out, you can resupply at any neighboring convenience store you find.


Not much can be said about this one. Fruit is a great source of all the vital vitamins and minerals. Apples are a fantastic source of fiber and antioxidants. Bananas contain large amounts of potassium and magnesium. Thus, they are both perfect snacks for the car. If you want to do a little preparation, you could even slice the apples beforehand. Your best option for the easiest car trip snack is a fruit of any kind.

Dried Fruits

Similar to the previous one, this one doesn’t need much justification. If you find that eating actual fruit in the car is a little too difficult and messy; dried fruit is your next best option. Before leaving, hastily grab some dried cranberries, apple chips, and banana chips from the grocery store. Simply putting something in your mouth and keeping your eyes on the road is all that is required.

Banana Chips

Banana chips are delicious and come in a variety of flavors. You can easily make these at home if you’d like, and they make a terrific replacement for a quick snack. Simply obtaining some raw bananas and slicing them into little, thin chips will do. Salt, pepper, or red chili powder can be sprinkled over top and preserved for up to a week in an airtight container. It’s advised to simply eat a little while driving. Too many could irritate your stomach because they are deep-fried.

Nuts, peanuts, and wheat flakes combined

Many of us buy food from peddlers along the route. You can omit them and bring meals from home instead. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, roasted Bengal nuts, and other nuts of your choice can all be combined with some cornflakes, lemon juice, mustard or olive oil, and other regional spices in a salad. The proper blending and bundling of these elements are essential.


You might be wondering, “Why didn’t you just group fruit with veggies?” This is due to the common planning and preparation requirements for veggies. We take special care to avoid cross-contamination when preparing our customary carrots and celery. It is as if someone may suffer from a carrot allergy. We substitute by including tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, snap peas, and a few other options to give crunch and flavor variety.

Pre-Packaged Snacks

You can always prepare your homemade travel snacks. A few things you prepare ahead of time that will keep you longer and stay fresh can be brought along. To satisfy your hunger, you might also get some premade snacks from the grocery store. To keep your snacks fresh for a longer period; wrap them in aluminum foil or put them in airtight containers.

Common suggestions for snacks to bring on the road

Taking children on a long trip is one thing. Intense discomfort will be felt by all on a long road trip with hungry youngsters. Conditions including food poisoning, dehydration, indigestion, and similar problems are more prevalent when people don’t eat enough. Due to the extreme weather conditions; one must exercise caution while choosing what they eat and drink during an Indian summer’s scorching heat. Store them in an airtight container to keep them fresher for longer. Peeling and pitting of fruit is part of fruit preparation. Apples are the best fruit to snack on. They are nutrient- and vitamin-rich. They are not prone to shattering and can be retained in a useful posture.s

Bottom Line

These portable snacks are easy to carry in your luggage and may be consumed whenever you choose. In addition to supplying, you with food and nutrition, these will keep you active and energized. The meals you eat when traveling, whether by car or bus, significantly affect your general health. Keep a watch on the food that is brought along and consumed when traveling. Because so many goods are readily perishable, eating them could bring the client major health issues. Furthermore, sticking to packaged and processed foods when traveling is not a good idea. When planning for a long road trip; it is best to choose a healthy diet that includes plenty of liquids and easy-to-digest foods. For some people, traveling the bus may be difficult due to the stress and length of the trip. Experts advised us to eat well before, during, and after a long ride.



  • How well do nuts do as a portable snack?

Ans: It’s simple to find portable, nutrient-dense snacks like almonds. Even at room temperature, they last for several hours and are beneficial to your health. They are a great source of protein, good fats, and fiber, making them an excellent travel snack. They are still fantastic without salt.

  • What benefits can routine munching provide?

Ans: Snacking frequently can improve your mood and stave off hunger between meals. Given that they aid in digestion and boost energy levels, dried fruits and nuts are perhaps the best options for a quick snack.

  • Why are dry snacks considered to be practical for travel?

Ans: Dry food is the greatest item to pack for a long vehicle trip. Most of these needs very little oil and are baked or mixed.