Sweet Somethings

Sweet Somethings

A chef and food strategist with Foodhall India strikes a sweet note with two desi fave sweets.

Coconut Laddoos

These make the perfect pop-in-the-mouth and they’re gone sweet treats!


¼ tsp cardamom powder

½ cup sugar

1 ½ cup milk

1 cup coconut, freshly grated

A tsp of ghee

To garnish:

Desiccated coconut



  1. Heat the ghee in a pan and saute the coconut for 30 seconds.
  2. Add the milk and cook while stirring, for about 15 minutes until it thickens.
  3. Add the sugar and cardamom powder, and continue to cook for 30 to 40 minutes till the mixture firms up.
  4. Take off the flame and allow to cool. Once cool, make small balls of the mixture and roll them in desiccated coconut to coat.
  5. Chill and serve.



The western region of India calls this milky treat Basundi, while north Indians know and love it as Rabri.


1 tsp slivered pistachios

¼ tsp saffron

2 tsp cardamom powder

1 tsp slivered almonds

1 tsp charoli (chironji) seeds

50 g sugar

1 litre milk



  1. Place the milk on a low flame and boil until it reduces to one-third the original quantity.
  2. Add the sugar, saffron, charoli seeds, almond and pistachio slivers and the cardamom powder.
  3. Take off the flame, cool and refrigerate.
  4. Serve chilled.

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