Som Tam Salad Recipe

Som Tam Salad Recipe

The Som Tam Salad is flavourful yet oh-so-light!


Som Tam Salad Recipe

Som Tam Salad Recipe


2 lime wedges

50 g fresh lettuce

20 g ground peanuts

5g fish sauce/soy sauce

½ tbsp lime juice

5g palm sugar

1 red/green chilli

50 g cherry tomatoes

5g garlic cloves

50g long beans

200g green raw papaya



  1. Peel and seed the papaya. Then shred it and keep it in a bowl.
  2. Crush the tomatoes, long beans and garlic by pounding a few times to release juices in a pestle. Add red/green chilli and crush lightly.
  3. In a fresh cup, dissolve the sugar in lime juice and add fish/soy sauce. Mix all the ingredients.
  4. Serve in a bowl with garnish.


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