Refreshing Beetroot salad: tasty yet nourishing!

This fresh creamy beetroot salad (similar to a Lebanese-style dish called Kh’yar bi laban) is made from simply 5 components (which include pink salt). This may be served as a dip, facet, and birthday celebration accompaniment! Plus, this beetroot yogurt salad recipe is healthful, low-carb, gluten-loose, and can be made dairy-free!

I’m ever so barely obsessed with flexible dishes. Some things that you may use as a dip, sauce, sandwich unfold, and salad on the same time is ideal in my books. That is wherein this beetroot salad with yogurt comes in. It is refreshing yet so filling!

The beetroot salad is not only quick to prepare, but it’s made up of just a few basic ingredients and very little time and effort goes into making it!

How to make the beetroot salad? 

Well here are the ingredients that go into making:

Beetroot – traditionally, beetroots are used for this recipe as they’re small, flavourful, and no longer too watery. You may add a cucumber or carrots to try a different variety to it.

Yogurt – it’s the quality of a thick natural or Greek yogurt. but, you can use sheep’s milk yogurt for a greater conventional flavor. Use your preferred dairy-free yogurt for a vegan choice – feel loose to feature a touch of extra lemon/vinegar for extra tang.

Dried Mint – although different herbs cross properly with this combination of elements, it’ll very effortlessly turn out to be every other fashion of dip in case you begin swapping out the mint for different herbs like dill, parsley, and so forth.

Garlic – minced or overwhelmed is best.

Salt – to season the beetroot yogurt sauce, however can also be used to salt the beetroot to take away extra liquid.

You can definitely give it a little more variation by adding: 

Sugar – add a pinch of sugar (or sugar-loose sweetener) to the recipe to counteract the yogurt’s tart taste.

Legumes – even though it’s now not conventional at all, I’ll now and again upload chickpeas or white beans to this beetroot yogurt salad for a extra filling dish.

crimson onion – lightly sliced purple onions are often blanketed in beetroot salad dishes, though not generally in beetroot salad. but, experience is loose to feature a few if you’d like.


Serving it is major!

Serve this beetroot yogurt salad with a drizzle of olive oil as a snack. Or as an appetizer, dip, or sauce with clean bread, pita bread, and crudités. You could also serve it over your preferred proteins (fish, meat, or tofu!). or even spread inside a sandwich/wrap – like this homemade clean Falafel wrap.