Past Perfect

Past Perfect

With the ever-evolving food scene, we might look to different cuisines and new techniques every day to make meals more interesting, but, increasingly, people are looking back to the food of their forefathers. 

Chefs, culinary historians, and food enthusiasts are peeking into their grandmothers’ handwritten notes—to find the recipes that have been a part of their family table for generations and to salvage them before they are lost forever.


So how can you save your heritage food?

  • As your grandmom, mom, aunts, uncles even cousins for family recipes of dishes that you love. 
  • Convert recipes tried and tested by you into a digital book or an online project to which your siblings and cousins add.
  • Also, harness the power of the world wide web and ask around on social media for soon-to-be-lost recipes.
  • Find restaurants that showcase your particular cuisine.
  • You don’t need to be a chef to host informal pop-ups at home of the family signature dishes for your friends. And don’t forget to support chefs and home cooks who are working to keep your cuisine alive!

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