Flower care

 My Christmas guide to flower care

 Like most of us, I’m desperate to try and sprinkle the festivities into my home in any way possible. After the way in which 2020 has gone, I feel as though I (and probably everyone else) needs it!

One such way that I am trying is via flowers. As any reader of my blog will testify, this is something that has been my pride and joy for a number of years. I don’t usually go too overboard over Christmas, but this year appears an exception.

I’ve been scouring Avas Flowers for the past week and my order is due to be delivered. Avas Flowers gave some great tips on the types of flowers that are suitable around the festive period, and there’s some further inspiration on this Avas Flowers social media page. However, in summary, I opted for the delivery of the following:

In truth, my order could have gone on, but I was shopping on a budget.

Now, in terms of arranging and caring for them, my advice has had to be adapted for the season we find ourselves in. We’re in the middle of winter and as such, flowers need a little extra care.

There are a lot of misconceptions around this period of the year. Many believe that because it’s cold outside, our plants and flowers won’t need as much watering. As it turns out, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Most of us have the heating on to compensate for the bitterly cold temperatures. What does this mean? It means that your plans are even more likely to suffer from dehydration. As such, each and every morning I’m maneuvering around the house with my trusted watering can.

Another winter faux pas can revolve around a lack of light. As we all know, the days are getting shorter, and this means that our plants have far less time to make the most of the sunshine. Unfortunately, on many occasions, there is little you can do here, but one tip is at least placing the flowers near a window. If they’re at the back of a room, the chances of them receiving any sun are very slim. Place them near the window, and they have every possible chance.

Finally, I’m going to talk about something else which is often missed – the heat from electrical devices. Whether it’s the fairy lights, candles, or anything else – they all contribute to the wilt of flowers. Make sure that you place your flowers a long way from anything that emits heat; the sources aren’t as obvious as you may think.

As you can see, winter brings its own challenges when it comes to looking after flowers. From my experience, if you can stick by the above rules, you’ll give your flowers a fighting chance of surviving the festive season.