Mediterranean Vegetarian Buffet Ideas For Your Wedding

It has been estimated that 22% of people are vegetarian, choosing to have a diet that excludes meat and fish. When you are catering for your wedding, it is important that you offer at least a few vegetarian options for your guests. The food of the Mediterranean has a big focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients, and is bursting with color. This will look good in any buffet or wedding breakfast spread. Mediterranean food is also a great healthy option that will keep its flavor if included in a buffet spread, rather than deep fried food which may go soggy. With some tasty vegetarian options at your wedding, you may well find that the carnivores are reaching for the veggies too.

Tasty canapes

The Vol-au-Vent was invented by pastry chef Antonin Carême in Paris in the early 1800s, and became an instant success. The word Vol-au-Vent translates as “windblown.” These light, round puff pastries are baked with a range of delicious fillings, and make the perfect canape option for a wedding buffet. You could fill yours with roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and pesto. Sweet fig and walnut is another delicious option, for a sweet-and-savory twist. Mini tartlets are another good canape choice for a buffet, and will provide your guests with little mouthfuls of joy. Roasted eggplant, zucchini and hummus is a tasty vegetarian treat, or you could have a simple tart filled with melted goats cheese and herbs de Provence.

Fresh fruit salads

If you are organizing an eco-friendly wedding, it is important to consider the carbon footprint of your menu. Many couples choose to only serve food that is in season, which also comes from a limited radius, say of 100 miles – this will help to keep your buffet choices sustainable. When you are selecting fruit for salads and skewers, keep it local – avoid choosing tropical fruit (unless of course you live in a tropical area), and instead go for the tasty options you would find in the Mediterranean. A pomegranate and pistachio salad is full of flavor, drizzled with olive oil. Or you could go for watermelon, clementines and feta cheese on skewers.

Mini burgers

Delicate mini burgers are a great option for a wedding buffet, as they are easy to eat, but not too filling. Tasty options include chickpea burgers with a spicy tomato salsa, or porcini and wild mushroom burgers with a garlic aioli. With your mini burgers, you could also offer your guests Patates Tiganates – these are a tasty Greek version of fries, but they are baked in olive oil rather than deep fried. Patates Tiganates are a much healthier option, and are delicious drizzled in a tzatziki dressing and sprinkled with fresh cilantro.

Food from the Mediterranean is vibrant, colorful and healthy – perfect for a vegetarian wedding buffet. You can offer your guests some delicious options for every course of your special celebration.