Kitchen Appliance: Gifts You Can Give Your Parents This Christmas

Whether your parents just took up a love for cooking during the pandemic, or they’ve been passionate about baking or cooking for years, it’s always a good idea to buy gifts that they’re going to use. 

  • Airfryer – If you can only pick one kitchen appliance as a gift for your mom or dad, make it the airfryer. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a fad kitchen device anymore. Airfrying has been proven to be a good alternative to other oil-less cooking. Here’s why: 
  • Hands-free cooking – Place your meats, veggies and other ingredients inside and just wait for it to cook. 
  • Promotes weight loss and healthier cooking – Because you can achieve the “deep-frying” crunch without using any oil, airfrying promotes weight loss and encourages you to experiment with dehydrating vegetables as snacks and so on. 
  • Safer to cook with – If you’ve experienced getting hit by burning-hot oil while frying fish, the airfryer totally removes this danger. 
  • Prevents toxic acrylamide formation – Deep-frying food in oil causes dangerous compounds (like acrylamide) to form, which can lead to serious health issues like cancer and heart conditions. 
  • KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer – Evert baker dreams of owning one simply because the brand has proven to be long-lasting, highly versatile and also pleasing to the eye. Just look at how elegant this stand mixer looks. 

Aside from being available in all sorts of colors, KitchenAid’s famous stand mixer also comes with numerous accessories that let you grind meat for all those sausage-making phases, spiralizer if your parents are in a health-conscious mode and want to switch to zoodles, or a pasta press for making any kind of pasta at home.

KitchenAid even has a fully-functional food processor add-on that you can attach to your mixer when you need to.

  • Instant Pot – If you have a mom or dad who’s been complaining of finding it hard to squeeze in cooking with their busy schedules, an InstantPot or any electric pressure cooker or multi-cooker could solve their dilemma. They no longer have to skip home-cooked meals for convenience since this device lets you set and forget the dishes you wish cooked. 
  • Toaster oven with rotisserie – If you didn’t know this yet, modern toaster ovens are so advanced that it is easy to mistake them for traditional convection ovens. Some can only toast bread, while others have the ability to broil, roast, and even cook whole chickens, ducks and turkeys.

If your folks love no-hands cooking, get them a toaster oven with a rotisserie feature for easy chicken roasting. Not all models have this function, so check first before buying a particular model. 

  • Nutribullet – Here’s another one that became a massive hit when it was launched in the market. While many people have forgotten theirs under the kitchen cabinets, there’s no denying that this kitchen appliance is the most convenient blender, shake-maker and juicer you can ever find. 

This is a perfect Christmas gift for your parents who vowed to take their dieting more seriously at the start of next year. After all, healthy drinks are always a part of any diet program. 

  • Stainless steel fondue set – If your parents grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, a stainless steel fondue set would definitely be a treat. It’s perfect if they’re entertaining people during holidays or just any day they’re craving chocolate or gooey cheese. 
  • Belgian waffle maker or sandwich maker – It’s never too late to appreciate the awesomeness of a waffle or breakfast sandwich made completely from scratch. For parents who want quick and light meals, these devices would definitely bring their sandwich-making A-game to new heights. And while you’re at it, include a tortilla press with your Christmas gift as well. 
  • Dessert Bullet – Made by Magic Bullet, the “Dessert Bullet” is advertised as a kitchen appliance that lets you create guilt-free (sugar-free, fat-free) desserts from scratch in under a minute. Place any frozen fruit into the device, press a button and wait for the smooth cold dessert. You can even create soft serve ice cream without the sugar and calories that store-bought ice cream can give you.
  • Electric vegetable chopper – If your parents love vegetables, but hate the time it takes to peel, slice and dice them, gift them an electric vegetable chopper to simplify their food prep. Many of them require no learning curve, just put your ingredients in, lock it properly, and wait for them to be processed. 

If your parents love to entertain, buy them serveware that they can use each time guests come to dine at their home. This isn’t technically considered an appliance for their kitchens, but it’s a guaranteed pleaser, especially if your parents’ kitchen looks almost complete and you’re finding it hard to look for kitchen appliances as gifts. 

I hope this list of kitchen appliances gives you an idea of the perfect gift for your parents.