8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

Indore is known as the commercial capital of central India and has been declared the cleanest city of Indore three times in a row.

What truly sets the city apart from the rest is its rich food culture. 

It’s called the Street Food Capital of India for all the right reasons—street food, continental, Chinese, Italianit offers you all types of cuisines.

With so many food choices, you can easily lose focus on what to really try. We’ve listed 8 must-try dishes in Indore and where to eat them to help you get started.


1. Poha Jalebi

8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

A popular breakfast item that is said to be originated by the people of Indore, is served with sev.

Poha is made of flattened rice combined with traditional Indian spices.

It’s served with Jalebi, a unique type of sweet that’s crunchy and savoury.

Famous places to try at: Agrawal sweets, Chappan Dukan.

Cost: $0.40-$0.66 per plate


2. Dal Kachori

8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

Another breakfast staple, Dal Kachoris are made of moong dal fillings or spicy masalas that are stuffed into the dough and deep-fried.

Piping hot kachoris are topped with garlic paste, onion chutney/chopped onions, coriander and tamarind chutney to give it that tangy flavour. 

Famous places to try at:

Cost: $0.20-$0.45 per piece


3. Daal Bafle

8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

A complete meal in itself, Daal Bafle is made by combining wheat, maize and gram flours.

Even though the dish was originated in Rajasthan, it was given a tasty twist by the people of Indore.

It is served with accompaniments like Kadhi, Dal, Aloo ki sabzi, green chillies and chutneys.

Since the food in Indore is pretty spicy, there’s always something sweet to nibble onto.

In this case, it’s Churma Laddoos

Famous places to try at: Prithvilok, Rajhans.

Cost: $1.85-$2.65 per person


4. Butte ka Kees and Dahi Bada

Grated corn roasted in a generous amount of Ghee and Indian spices, sprinkled with lemon juice make mildly spicy dish known as Bhutte ka Kees.

Contrary to common relief, this item is available in all seasons.

It tastes sweet and sour and its taste can be adjusted by adding Jeeravan (a spicy and tangy masala). 

Do try the irresistible Dahi Badas coated with ample amount of chutneys to soothe your palate.

It’s made in a peculiar manner that I guarantee you’ll never get to see in the whole world. 

Famous places to try at: Joshi Dahi Vada House

Cost: $0.40-$0.75 per item


5. Sabudana Khichdi

The main ingredient of this dish is pearl tapioca.

It’s soaked overnight and steamed and cooked with potatoes, green chillies, peanuts, and a pinch of sugar.

It’s topped with Fariyali namkeen, coriander leaves and lemon juice. 

Famous places to try at: Sawariya Seth Khichdi

Cost: $0.40 per plate


6. Shahi Shikanji

It’s a creamy and thick blend of dry fruits, milk and spices such as nutmeg and mace and finished with a few strands of saffron.

It makes for a fabulous and filling thirst quencher. 

Famous places to try at: Madhuram Sweets, Nagori Sweets

Cost: $0.65-$0.80 per glass


7. Garma Garam Garadu

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Considered as an after-dinner-snack item, this dish is made of deep-fried Yams that are sprinkled with Chaat masala and lemon juice. It’s tender flavoursome.

Its a seasonal item and is therefore only available in winters. 

Famous places to try at: Aggarwal Garadu Centre

Cost: $0.50 per plate


8. Sweets at Sarafa Market

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Wohooooo! Finally at sarafa bazaar❤️ (HEAVEN FOR FOODIES)❤️ Sarafa Market is a jewellery market and night street food court located in central Indore, India. Sarafa is the only market in India which remains as a jewellerymarketplace at daytime and converts itself into a street food court at night. We reached at 12am( aur fir toot pade)😂 I tried first this gulaam jamun with rabdi taste was so good. Also We tried many dishes & have so many pictures 😋 will upload soon . ******All you have to do is to stay tuned with us & follow @wheelthelife and kindly hit notification icon @wheelthelife ****** #indore #indorefoodiee #indorefoodiee #indoreggae #indoreseen #indorediaries💕 #sarafabazar #sarafabazaar #sarafabazaarindore #sarafabazaarindore😃😃😃😃 #sarafabazarindore #indoresarafabazar #traveling #travelblogger #foodporn #rajwada #rajwadaindore #travelphotography #travelgram #indianfood #street #streetfood #streetfoodlover❤️ #indorediaries💕 #indorelove #indoreadgram #puneblogger #punefoodie #punecity♥ #pune😍

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Dessert-lovers are guaranteed to have a gala time at the Sarafa night market.

Famous for its food stalls that are flocked on either side of the road, they offer a plethora of sweet items.

Starting from traditional sweets like Barfis and Halwas, to speciality items like Jalebas and Imartis.

It’s also famous for its street food and items like Aloo Tikki, Samose, Dahi Bade, Sandwiches amongst others. 


If you’re headed here, make sure you have your camera with you. The different sights of never-seen-before dishes like Patis, Kulfi Falooda and Fire Paan are bound to leave you speechless. The whole vibe of this night street food market is contagious and promises an unmatched experience. 



There you have it 8 must-try dishes in Indore and where to eat them.

If you’ve got more time (and appetite), we suggest you try the famous Thali at Neelkanth (costs $1.32-$1.85 per person).

8 Delicacies from Indore that Foodies Can’t Afford to Miss

Even though this is just a tiny glimpse of the dishes offered by Indore, we strictly suggest not to leave the city before tasting these authentic delicacies. 

If you’ve got more suggestions for foods that are available in Indore, please share them with us in the comments below!