Indian Food Blog Name Ideas

Indian Food Blog Name Ideas

Even though the content of your blog matters and you will probably have to work hard to keep your readers interested, the name is what will attract them in the first place. It has to be something interesting and catchy – you want people to remember it instantly and talk to their friends about it. If Indian food blog name ideas are what you need, look no further.

We have made a selection for you and all you have to do is pick your favourite and check whether the domain you want is available. Let’s start!


Indian eats

Indian eats

This is a great name for an Indian food blog since it is short, effective, and straight to the point.

It also sounds urban and modern.

The type of food people would expect to read about in a blog named like this would be fast food.

Or, if you don’t like the idea, you can write about food that is easy to make at home.

“Indian eats” does not sound like a blog that discusses dishes too complicated to make or that take hours to prepare.


Let’s chat about chaat

Indian Food Blog Name Ideas

Blogs are written in a conversational style and encourage the interaction between a blogger and his/her readers.

So, “chat” is the perfect choice of a verb. Conveniently, one of the most popular Indian dishes is named “chaat“.

It’s traditional finger food that can be bought pretty much everywhere in the Indian subcontinent.

With the right recipe, people can easily make it at home.

Each part of India and pretty much every city has its own version of this delicacy, so you will have a lot to discuss on your blog named “Let’s chat about chaat”!


Indian bread and spice

Indian Food Blog Name Ideas
India is famous for its breads – you can use that when choosing your Indian food blog name.

Indian food is famous all around the world and spices are the first association people have when it is mentioned.

Bakers in India are true masters of their art, so their bread is popular on all continents.

Actually, there are more types of Indian bread than we can count!

Similarly, many spices originated from India, and Indian dishes cannot be imagined without them.

“Indian bread and spice” can be the best Indian food blog name for you, if somebody doesn’t steal it the moment they read this article.


On the origin of spices

On the origin of spices

This one is again about spices, but its wordplay will probably remind you of the famous book “On the origin of the species” – the foundation of evolutionary biology.

As Charles Darwin described the origin of human species, you can go as far as to write about the spices that are as old as (if not older than) the humankind.

This blog name might be a little bit pretentious, but it is definitely an eye-catcher.


Indian food trip

Indian Food Blog Name Ideas

“Indian food trip” can be a winning name for a blog that is a combination of food and travel stories.

Those are quite popular nowadays.

People who are passionate about seeing new places and trying new flavours can make a career of their hobbies.

They just need to brush up on their writing skills and invest in a good camera (or the latest smartphone).

Many people have made a fortune by starting this kind of career and they help us see the reasons why working remotely isn’t so badturning your passion into your source of income is always a good thing!


The 7th spice

Indian Food Blog Name Ideas
What might be the 7th spice?

Garam masala is the most popular combination of Indian spices that can be bought in all the best supermarkets and international markets.

It is widely used and many chefs all over the world couldn’t imagine their signature dishes without the combination.

The mix is made of seven spices that are different from one area to another, but all of them are authentic.

“The 7th spice” food blog name would suggest that you are offering the last ingredient necessary to make the story complete. 


Indian rice and ice

Indian rice and ice

Rhymes are catchy, which is exactly what you need for your Indian food blog name.

This one is also indicative of what the blog is about.

Rice is the ingredient Indian people consume the most.

Even though it is commonly used for making savoury dishes and side dishes, it is the star of many sweet recipes.

Ice creams are a delicious choice of dessert too!

You see, it is not only rhyme that brings them together.

Naturally, “Indian rice and ice” can be a cool name for a blog focusing on sweets.


Indian fusion

Indian fusion

This just might be the name of your future blog if you are planning to write about how other cultures influenced Indian cuisine and how Indian food affected them in return.

Or, it could be a cool name for a food blog that focuses on modern dishes.


The chicken kitchen

The chicken kitchen
Chicken meals are a staple in India

Here’s a tongue twister that can serve as an Indian food blog name.

Just like the name indicates, this one would be about chicken recipes and stories about them.

Poultry is a widely-used ingredient throughout the Indian subcontinent (with the exception of people who are vegetarians) so you’ll be able to find as many chicken recipes as you wish for.


Some more ideas

Some more blog name ideas

When thinking about Indian food blog names, you can focus on the ingredients that you will mostly write about in your blog, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

You can also pick some that look good in photos, for instance – anise star or cinnamon.

Rose petals can also look nice and they usually remind us of something delicate.

If that’s the impression you would like to make with your blog, you should go for it! 



Take your time when choosing your Indian food blog name. It should be something that sounds nice, has a positive connotation, and is easy to remember.

Hopefully, you will pick one of our suggestions, or they will lead you to your winning combination. Good luck!