An Ice Cream Fix

An Ice Cream Fix

There’s that gang of girls that’s threatening to come over this evening, sending you downwards in a stress spiral on how to entertain them. You find that pack of ice cream (or two) sitting in your freezer.

Can you whip up something to wow them? Read on.

1. Add a sauce

Try lemon curd, fresh or frozen fruit puree, chocolate or salted caramel. If you have the time, swirl the sauce through and re-freeze.


2. Go crunchy

Crush some cereal, popping candy, meringue, or biscuits and top up the bowls.


3. Make it a terrine

Quickly work to layer different flavours of ice cream in a lined loaf tin, freeze again, and then turn out and decorate.


4. Turn out a sundae

You need a few sauces, chocolate, dried fruit, chopped nuts, and whipped cream, and you’re set.


5. Set up an ice cream bar

An Ice Cream Fix

Feeling lazy? Just lay out the fixings along with enough scoops and bowls and have them go crazy with their combinations!


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