How to Grill Meat: 7 Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that the average adult eats over 222 pounds of red meat and poultry each year? If you factor in fish, that number could be much higher.

Now that the weather has warmed up, it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill.

Are you tired of eating charred, dry, or tough meat? Keep reading to learn 7 tips on how to grill meat the right way.

The Longer You Marinate the Better

Plain meat can have a decadent texture, but all the flavor comes from your marinade. Whether you soak your meat in a marinade or whip up a dry rub, you’ll want to give your meat plenty of time to absorb those flavors. You can accomplish a tasty meal with a 30-minute rest time, but try to let your meat rest overnight for better results.

Let Meat Come to Room Temperature

Lots of people make the mistake of throwing their meat onto the grill right after taking it out of the fridge. While it’s still possible to cook a delicious meal this way, letting the meat come to room temperature helps ensure a more even cook. Letting the meat sit out for 30 minutes is great, but don’t let it rest for more than an hour.

Preheat and Grease Your Grill

Whether you’re working different types of grills, it’s always wise to preheat yours and give it a good brush of oil. Preheating your grill cooks your meat with less guesswork while oiling removes leftover residue and prevents sticking.

Never leave your grill unattended, as that can increase the risk of a fire. Exterior house damage caused by fires is often only covered by dwelling fire policies, not by even the best home insurance policies.

Don’t Flip Too Much

Lots of people who want to know how to grill hamburgers get nervous about burning them, which results in flipping the meat often. No matter what type of meat you’re cooking, try not to flip more than once or twice so you can get good grill marks.

Learn the Proper Internal Temperatures

Some cooks are able to guess a meat’s temperature by look or touch alone, but a beginner cook should invest in an internal thermometer. Steak, other red meats, and fish should be 145 degrees while poultry should be 165 degrees.

Be Careful With Cross-Contamination

While people are learning how to grill steak and other meats, they focus on the timing aspect. Perfecting your grill time is important, but there are other tips that everyone needs to know. Cross-contamination occurs when cooked meat touches a plate or utensil that was used to handle raw meat.

This type of illness is serious enough to be deadly, so always be mindful of sanitation.

Let Your Meat Rest Before Cutting

One of the best grilling tips is to give your meat 5 minutes to rest before you dig in. Not only will this help raise the internal temperature to the perfect number, but you’ll also avoid losing flavorful juices.

Now You Know How to Grill Meat

Figuring out how to grill meat can be tricky, but these tips will guarantee stellar results every time. Once you’ve become a master, you’ll have a blast experimenting with new recipes.

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