How To Determine If You Are Eating Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food is a representation of the traditions and culture of Mexicans that have trickled down from one generation to the other. Mexican cuisine is known all over the world owing to its healthy, colorful, delicious dishes. Each region has its own unique variety of foods.

That being said, there is a lot of fake representation of Mexican food being sold in many eateries. So how do you spot the difference? To answer that question, here are a few pointers on how to determine if you are eating authentic Mexican food:


1. Authentic Mexican Food Is Made With White Cheese Not Cheddar Cheese

Most Mexican fast-food restaurants tend to use yellow cheddar cheese when preparing their meals. While this is good, it does not produce the authentic Mexican food you would desire to eat. Real Mexican cuisines are made using cheese that is full of flavor, spicy, and very tasty.

Genuine Mexican cheese is basically white in color and has a perfect balance of all the flavors that come from the different ingredients used to make it such as chiles, peppers, and onions.

Mexican appetizers such as quesadillas along with other main course dishes like enchiladas and chili are served with white cheese. Other Mexican side dishes such as grilled corn, taquitos, bean dip, and tacos also come with white cheese.

 2. The Ingredients Used On Mexican Food Are Both Fresh And Healthy

Mexico has a tropical climate which is favorable for the growth of diverse kinds of vegetables and fruits which Mexican locals use to prepare healthy tasty Mexican dishes. These healthy Mexican foods consist of tomatoes, white corn, chiles, beans, and other ingredients that are rich in potassium and vitamin C.

Mexican restaurants that specialize in preparing authentic Mexican food serve a wide selection of vegan dishes, seafood, poultry, and red meat, all of which are prepared using healthy fresh ingredients. 

In addition to this, authentic Mexican foods have gluten-free tortillas. This is because they are only made with water and ‘masa harina’. Anyone who is gluten intolerant will enjoy eating natural tortillas.

3. Authentic Mexican Foods Are Prepared Using Traditional Mexican Spices

Any authentic Mexican food will always be accompanied by spices which play a great role in producing its amazing flavors. Find a cook preparing authentic Mexican food and you won’t miss the presence of traditional spices.

These traditional Mexican spices give each meal a unique taste. For example, white cinnamon or Canella has a tantalizing flavor in comparison to the cinnamon that is commonly used in most Western countries. Powdered or fresh garlic creates a delicious scent and brings out the flavors in a Mexican dish.

While seasoning fish and chicken, achiote seeds plus paste do a great job. Cumin, chili powder, onions, oregano, and cilantro are all staples which when sautéed alongside other ingredients produce a special earthy flavor.

Authentic Mexican food may appear different owing to the different regions it was prepared in and the different cooking styles being used. However, the common denominator that helps you identify authentic Mexican food is the feel, taste, and flavor that you feel after taking your first bite.


These are just three very helpful pointers that will help you determine whether or not you are eating genuine Mexican food. But there is more to learn. Here are some more facts about authentic Mexican food that you need to know.