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We Fandbstories team started as an online cookbook where multi cuisine chefs, food enthusiasts share their favorite recipes, We have already become an important and useful tool for professional chefs recipes, fun cooking tips, and tit bits from the cooking business. Our food blog has been doing pretty well in spreading a multi cuisine food awareness. Not just tastes, we want to capture hearts! In addition to recipes, our featured chefs and enthusiasts also measure cooking techniques, cooking tips, healthy cooking stuff and a host of local chefs’ guides.

We love to spread awareness about food, be it healthy or tasty. Food is something that is crucial for everyone. So in order to make life easier, you need a hands on our recipes. From salads, to complicated exotic recipes, from healthy to junking once a while. From home made meals to party foods. We like to cater each one of you’ll.

At fandbstories, we are real people making hearty, mouth watering food to make your life easier.  Hope you’ll love the comforting flavours in our meals. We think you’ll will be amazed by how your food turns when you cook with our recipes. You need to know how delicious our homemade salads, granolas, exotic dishes and snacks will taste while you sit down with your family at the table. Wish you love through good food!

On a white platter, colorful vegetables command the attention. Visual appeal can be added with a smart sprinkle of sauce, minced herbs, or lemon zest. A beautiful dinner simply tastes better.

Similar to this, if you want your food blog to stand apart from greasy spoon operations, you must carefully consider presentation. And here,, our online food blog, brings you the best of everything.

About our website (

Our F and B Stories blog is all about food and drinks recipes, their varieties, where to find them globally, how to prepare them, and what you can do with them if you want to experiment, taste, and learn with all of your senses. The knowledge in F and B Stories is beneficial for both the mind and the stomach. Through this website, we are pleased to share our love of everything salty, sweet, and salted. Amazing authors share with us their love of food. Exceptional writers are always invited to join the group at F and B stories every day.

What makes us unique?

There are some key elements of our successful blogs. Those are:

Workable recipes

Since trust is the cornerstone of food blogging, recipes must be well-examined and trustworthy. Food bloggers favor properly written articles that are concise, clear, and easy to understand, and that don’t have any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Recipes must be straightforward to read and print (without all the extraneous details).

We did not particularly like pop-up newsletters or adverts interfering with our ability to read a recipe!

Wonderful pictures

Food bloggers go into great detail on both the positive and negative aspects of this. Big, brilliantly lit, and expertly staged images are ideal. They should be sized appropriately for the blog and optimized. A picture of the finished product should be included at the start, then there should be enough images to demonstrate each stage of the recipe, and finally, there should be another picture of the finished product. However, we detest it when food bloggers use an excessive number of images! Every image on a website should not seem repetitive, “cheesy,” or “Pinterest-whoring.” This slows down loading times, makes it difficult to navigate through, and is unattractive.

We believe it’s crucial to make an effort to learn about and hone the craft of superb food photography.

Organized recipe index

Of all blog genres, food blogs provide some of the most timeless content. We think that having a sizable recipe database on our food blogs is crucial.

Bloggers claim that many food blogs are challenging to navigate in a way that is helpful to the user. such as searching for recipes according to dietary restrictions (paleo, grain-free, vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free). Numerous other topics were also studied, including course, main ingredient, theme, season, difficulty, and all ingredients. Over time, recipes may become disorganized and challenging to navigate. Therefore, it’s crucial to go back and correctly arrange them. And we do this. 

The prominent search bar that’s easy to use

Users commonly use search boxes to seek prior recipes, unlike other blog categories. Google’s site search is superior to WordPress’ built-in search.

We make sure to offer another straightforward route to all the recipes in case there are any search queries for a particular dinner. We can improve the reading experience for our visitors by keeping track of what people are searching for on the website.

A mobile-friendly or responsive website

For food bloggers, it’s critical to make sure that their websites pass Google’s mobile-friendliness test and are accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Many people display their recipes on their phones or tablet while cooking. As a result, it is our responsibility to ensure their ease.

Rapid loading

Food bloggers consistently mentioned site loading speed as a serious problem, whether it was due to advertisements, huge photos, too many images, the homepage not displaying article excerpts, especially the site speed on mobile devices, or for other reasons. Food-related blogs can be among the slower ones online! However, we try our best to assist in any way we can.

An account of

People want to know who writes the blogs. When they are around the things that excite and inspire them, they feel a sense of belonging. Due to the sensitive and private nature of cooking, ensures that its page is current and thorough enough to build a first connection.

Homepage contains excerpts

Food bloggers argued that it was essential to avoid showing whole postings on the website so that users could quickly scan the newest recipes. and then click over if one piqued their interest. Additionally, it resulted in a quicker loading of the homepage. We, therefore, make sure to provide our users with the appropriate speed.

Interaction with readers

It’s important to respond to reader questions and comments on food blogs. Food bloggers valued having a regular time to react to questions, despite their acknowledgment that it’s not always possible to do so. Readers are frequently under time pressure when they ask a question because they might already be preparing the dish. We communicate with our clients frequently. Ensure that none of our clients are forgotten.

Unique brand

Food bloggers are devoted to what they write about. The comments they made fit under the following categories. Have a distinct theme, a noteworthy differentiation, and something that makes the blog memorable. We work with all of our hearts and are creative, inspiring, and most importantly, real. possesses a strong voice as well. The way our blog is designed, written, and photographed reflects our uniqueness. We prioritize our blogs rather than money generation and universal customer satisfaction. Blog zeal is gone.

Professionally crafted

Food bloggers want people to focus on their content and no other design elements. They recognize the benefit of investing in professional blog design. Our objective is to create a straightforward, approachable, and easy-to-navigate design. simplifies life and avoids busyness. Pop-ups, automated rotating sliders, and an excessive number of advertisements—especially those that aren’t related to food—are things we dislike.

Some of the important things that a food blog like us has:

An Interesting Heading

Create a header for your blog that has some personality. The headline is the first thing readers will see when they visit your blog. Our header is essential for letting viewers know what our blog is about. We just have a few seconds to grab people’s attention. Most bloggers just use a regular font and their blog name as the headline. The aesthetics of our website are significantly influenced by the header design, which doesn’t have to be pricey.

Briefly explain the topic of our blog

As I said above, we only have 5–10 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they first visit our page. Our blog has a tagline that encapsulates how unique it is from other blogs. Indian Recipes Cooked in Colorado, Traditional Candy Making Recipes, and Veggie Delights for the Family. This slogan should be included in the header layout. If done in this way, people will grasp a blog’s objective and why they should read it right away.

Make it simple to follow the recipes you create

Make a recipe card, then post it on your blog. This section of the blog post lists the ingredients and detailed instructions, just like the examples below. We use a plugin like the Recipe Card to accomplish this. A recipe card additionally makes it simple for people to print down our recipes in an understandable way.

Showing the most popular posts

Make a case for highlighting your most popular recipes and articles. The best posts on our food blog can turn casual visitors into ardent followers. We feature some of our most well-liked entries in the sidebar and at the top of our blog’s homepage.

A little “About Me”

We have a short “About Me” section at the top of our sidebar. This will help new visitors understand who we are and what our website is all about. 

We have some fantastic ideas, recipes, and tips for food and drink that your taste buds will surely appreciate. We wish you health, happiness, and enjoyment through a balanced diet. Good cuisine is built on ingredients that are in season, simple, and meant to be enjoyed.

 F and B Stories can be used as a tool to make preparing healthy, natural meals more fun.


Be a part for our food blog! We will love to share and celebrate food and food stories with you!