7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

Most people’s desire for togetherness comes strong with the onset of spring, just when the weather’s right and there’s a noticeable revival of greenery. Along with those, spring is also the season for a few important celebrations. Easter and Mother’s Day are occasions that bring families together for a meal. You see groups heading to local parks for a picnic, barbecuing at the beach, or dining al fresco at a restaurant to celebrate such occasions. Indeed, spring is a grand season because of the lovely conditions it sets for spending quality time with the people who matter. So, if you are looking forward to it for such a reason, better start planning. To help you with this, here are seven chow time ideas for your family to enjoy in the season of bloom.


1. A Luxurious Brunch

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

What’s so great about a brunch?

A lot of things.

This meal, which is an amalgamation of breakfast and lunch, allows people to sleep in a bit more, glam up slightly for their first meal of the day, and finally enjoy a vast selection of food.

When you go to brunch, you can have pancakes and waffles and then dive straight into butter garlic prawns, lobster and pasta.

Additionally, brunch can stretch well into the afternoon, meaning Mom and Dad can finally treat themselves to some cocktails, while the little ones feast on everything from burger sliders to tea cakes and shakes.

All in all, brunch is a meal that breaks so many rules, making it a delightful deviation from the normal, which everybody needs every now and then. 


2. Afternoon Tea

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

Afternoon tea is a fantastic way to take a relaxing break.

The rule with tea is that whether you’re consuming it hot or cold, you take your time with it.

Therefore, if you would go to afternoon tea with your family, it’s the perfect chance to catch up. 

Enjoy scones with clotted cream and fruit preserves, cakes, different French pastries, cucumber sandwiches, and more.

And perhaps, do so outdoors. In Dubai, some premier hotels offer afternoon tea set in the courtyard or garden so guests can marvel at the lovely atmosphere spring creates.


3. A Steak Dinner

A Steak Dinner

A steak dinner is a fabulous treat, especially for special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

It’s a little pricey, and typically, the places that do steak perfectly are elegant establishments that can genuinely make anyone feel quite fancy. 

This is one of the reasons why, if you wish to treat the family to steak to celebrate a special occasion, you need to book a table well in advance.

A top steakhouse in Dubai recommends doing so weeks before Mother’s Day or other holidays because they’re often a full house for lunch and dinner.

And quite often, they cannot accommodate walk-ins due to multiple reservations.

Therefore, if you want Mom to feel like the true VIP of the day, treat her to a steak dinner at a famous restaurant and make sure to place a reservation as early as possible.


4. A Lunch Buffet

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

Spring is the season for bouncing back or for new beginnings.

What better way to celebrate it than to go out with your family and sample an overwhelming variety of food at a buffet?

The most convenient meal to do this is during lunch because it’s right smack in the middle of the day, and you don’t have to worry yet about your body slowing down to sleep for the night after you eat.

At a buffet, there’s something for every member of the family.

Plus, the dishes come from different parts of the globe.

For sure, you’ll find a lot of American dishes, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mediterranean fare, among others.

It’s worth noting that there are different stations at a buffet, too.

You’ll find an ice cream station, an afternoon dessert station, soup station, salad station, and so much more.


5. Cheese and Wine Night

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

If you’re all adults in your family, why not take advantage of the cheese and wine night that a lot of artisanal restaurants in the City of Gold host?

Sample cheeses and wines from various parts of the world, as well as learn which of them go together really well.

Going to cheese and wine night is a sophisticated dining experience that adults should gift themselves with.

It’s lovely to be in an environment where there’s certain decorum to uphold, with everybody looking smart in nice clothes and interacting with each other in a gentle and friendly way.

You’ll discover amazing flavours created by the correct cheese and wine pairings.


6. An Outdoor Barbecue

7 Chow Time Ideas That Your Family Can Enjoy This Spring

Wellness experts always say that people should spend more time outdoors when the weather is wonderfully temperate.

So, consider hosting an outdoor barbecue for family and friends.

You can have the event at home, especially if you have a beautifully landscaped lawn or garden, and perhaps even have a swimming pool that everyone can enjoy.

Indulge in grilled meats, corn, watermelon, salads, and pies.

This casual eat-and-play experience is an opportunity to create good memories with the people you love.

It can be a lot of work, though, so research brilliant tips, easy recipes, and fun activities to help you successfully pull off a spring outdoor barbecue.


7. A Morning Picnic 

A picnic.

Do you know that according to studies, families that go on picnics are more closely knit?

They are also physically healthier, less stressed, and possess better coping mechanisms.

Aside from those advantages, there’s no arguing that picnic food can be quite delightful.

Much care usually goes into the preparation of the different morsels of food, which serve as rewards for making the effort to head out, look for the right picnic spot, and create a comfortable setup for an outdoor meal.


Bonding Over Good Food

A family enjoying a meal in their garden.

Gathering your family and other loved ones together for a meal is essential in improving the quality of life.

Such experiences play a crucial role in shaping a child’s attitude toward life, and adults have much to benefit from these, too. 

Therefore, this spring, harness all of these wonderful benefits by trying out these planned dining experiences with your loved ones.