Best Wood For Grill – What You Need For Delicious BBQ!

There are so many different grills out there that it can be hard to choose which one you should get. There are gas, charcoal, pellet, electric, and more that all have their pros and cons. 

If you’re looking for the best wood for grill, though, then this article is what you need! We’ll go over the main things to think about when choosing a grill and give some recommendations on our favorite products below. 

The Best Wood For Grill – Your Ultimate Wood List!


BBQ lovers around the world know that mesquite wood is a must for Texas-style BBQ. It has an intense flavor that packs quite the wallop, but it’s not just good on its own – you can also use this hardy substance to enhance other meats when grilling them up! 

The strong and bold flavor that this wood can bring to your dish requires an experienced hand if you want great results on the BBQ horizon! Try using this delicious flavoring for red meats or smoke them as well because of its added spice while cooking–the choice will be yours when deciding whether a subtle flavor goes best around these parts.


BBQ lovers all over the world have been using Applewood to smoke their meat for years. The applewood variety has a mild flavor that is sweet and somewhat fruity.

Because it takes longer for this type to taste great, grilled pork butt will be the best with which you can enjoy an authentic slow-and-low style BBQ meal! Other foods especially benefited by cooking on coal are ribs, chicken, or wildfowl – make sure not to overcook these items; otherwise, they become dry (which isn’t what we want).

You can also use these same flavors on wildfowl if you prefer!


Barbecue fans will be interested to hear that oak wood is a versatile and delicious addition to the grill. 

Our favorite wood falls between apple and hickory on flavor scales, making it an excellent choice with just about any type of meat (especially lamb!). Additionally, you can spice up your backyard party by adding this hardwood as well!

It’s great when used in moderation because too much could lead back to its strong taste. However, if other types around, like mesquite or pecan, add sweetness, they would complement nicely while still providing some kick from spices.


Hickory pride itself on being the universal wood for BBQ and meat smoking. It can deliver near-perfect results, with a savory flavor that goes well with pork shoulders or red meats like beef brisket.

Other choices of grilling wood that you can consider are:

  • Alder: It is a light flavor wood suitable for grilling veggies and seafood; they have a signature golden-yellow color on their wood skin.
  • Camphor laurel: This spectacular wood is used for a cooking duck in China since it delivers a spicy taste with brown hues.
  • Cherry wood: As for its names, cherry wood delivers a fruity smell to your grilled dish thanks to its earthy ingredients. People often used hardwoods together with cherry wood for extra hardness. 
  • Heather: If you want to grill seafood to a delicate taste, use heather wood. This light yellow hue wood makes a perfect match with fish, scallop, shrimp, etc. 
  • Juniper: If you don’t want a grill that is too burnt, consider the amount when using juniper wood. While it develops a golden brown color, it will grill any of your protein smoothly. 


What To Consider When Choosing The Best Wood For Grill?

Wood Chips vs. Chunks

There are two options for using different smoking wood: chunks or splits (logs) for long cooks and smokes; chips that burn up quickly but can be used on fish, or smaller cuts of meat that don’t need much cooking time.

Wood chunks and splits are good for longer smokes. People who enjoy cooking their meat for hours on end, such as those who participate in contests or competitive BBQs, will appreciate the added benefit of smoky flavors. 

This convenience brings fewer interruptions from adding more wood chips during a long cook because this can disrupt what has already been going smoothly!

The best way to achieve optimal results when using chunked woods is by making sure never to have soot all over your hands while you work since too much ash buildup might result in an unevenly cooked meal.

Soak The Wood

Some people like to soak their wood chunks or chips because they don’t want the fire burning too quickly. If you do this, make sure it’s for at least a few days before cooking with them again- otherwise, there could be an issue with catching on fire and burning through quicker than normal! 

Wood Chips should not need any extra soaking as long as we talk about longer cooks (like smoking). Soaking will help those pieces last just a little longer, but since we only use short boils at most, I wouldn’t say it’s necessary either way.

How Much Wood To Use?

Use as little wood as possible to get that smoky flavor. If you’re smoking for a long time, add chunks and let those turn into smoke before adding more pieces of the same type until your desired intensity is reached.

The Final Thoughts

If you want to be a grill master, your wood must be seasoned and well-chosen. The type of wood you use can affect the flavor profile and how long it burns, so think carefully about what kind of food you’re cooking before selecting the best wood for grill! 

We hope these tips help make this summer full of delicious BBQs! Thank you for reading this article and we will see you soon!