Best Dinner Party Recipes

As people gather more indoors, friends, colleagues, and family find creative ways to hang out around the house. One approach taking center stage is individuals having a dinner party. However, the initiative can be challenging if you do not plan in advance. Waiting until the exact day of hosting a dinner party can be overwhelming. It would be best if you also took time to enjoy the party rather than spend most of the time in the kitchen. Adequate planning will ensure you are free to interact with the guests and enjoy yourself. 

Finding the Right Recipe for a Dinner Party

While we talk about preparing beforehand for your dinner party, it mainly involves getting the right equipment to use. It is vital to take a holistic approach to set up and hosting a dinner. This means you need to consider the food preparation and serving. You can compare the Blue Apron vs Marley Spoon meal kits to find what suits your needs. 

Finding the right recipe for the day can be a great way to appeal to the guests. Since you will be looking for people to have a good conversation with, select an ideal meal that can be a topic of discussion. You do not need to think so hard as there are simple recipes to consider whether you like cooking or not. Make it simple and avoid preparing heavy meals but consider foods that can complement each other. There are several recipes to consider for your dinner party. Here are some ideas to consider;

Chicken Recipes

Preparing chicken meals is easy. It is a good option for people who like meat as you can flavor it as you like. Here are some chicken recipes;

  • Vegetable chicken; the recipe entails having vegetable spice up your chicken. Apart from the meal being delicious, it is also nutritious. Popular ingredients for dinner are chicken, spices, onion, kales, carrots, and broccoli. On the contrary, you can fry your chicken and prepare a vegetable salad as an accompaniment. 
  • Chicken sauce; this recipe is an ideal accompaniment for rice and spaghetti, or you can still have it as a complete meal. With this meal, take chicken pieces and create a source using tomato. You can make it more nutritious by including cereals like maize or including vegetables on a minimal scale. 
  • Chicken chasseur; the dish is succulent, and it can be a good idea for dinner parties. Use different flavours to make the chicken tastier, and you can serve it with mayonnaise to make the recipe better.  

Lamb Recipes

The menu at a dinner party will usually contain different kinds of meat, except when hosting a vegan dinner party. Let us look at some popular recipes for preparing lamb;

  • Roast lamb; ingredients to select are lamb steak, garlic, onion, paprika, and carrots. Before roasting the meat, you will need to marinate it with the various ingredient available. Cut into the meat to let the heat penetrate the flesh while roasting. Let the marinated meat absorb the contents before placing the meal into the oven to prepare. 
  • Steamed lamb is similar to the recipe above, including onions, tomatoes, rosemary leaves, and lemon. This recipe requires diced pieces of meat that you can marinate as with the roasted lamb above. However, you prepare the meal using a pan by heating the components at low heat. Ensure to cook the meat until it is ready and soft to eat. 
  • Minced lamb; is a good recipe for a dinner party. Have the seller mince the meat for you if you do not have the equipment to prepare it. You can flavor the meat with ginger, mint, and coriander. 

Side Dishes

  • Vegetables; when having a dinner party, it is crucial to consider your vegan friends. It means you need to have vegetable dishes to ensure you cater to every person at the party. Broccoli is a good side dish that can go well with the other recipes above. It is a nutritious meal that the guests will surely enjoy. On the other hand, you can select several vegetables as a recipe for salad. Also, the party will be complete if you add potatoes and pumpkin in recipes for vegan dishes. 
  • Potatoes; recipes for potato reparation are simple. It is a popular dish globally as people will either roast, deep-fry, boil, or stew potatoes. You can season it according to your liking with the spices of choice. 
  • Pasta; is fast and straightforward to prepare. This light dish can incorporate vegetables when preparing the recipe, or the guests can have it with meat. 
  • Rice; probably one of the most popular side dishes to find at a dinner party. It is the perfect dish as an accompaniment for meat and vegetable recipes. You can have a bowl of plain rice or have green beans in the rice.