5 Types of Pancakes (& Famous Stores that Sell Them) for Pancake Lovers

Pancakes are famous around the world in different forms. No matter which continent you visit, you will be able to find a pancake that is famous there. Do you love a good pancake and have a passion for it? Then, you will be surprised as to how many different kinds of pancakes you can try.

Here are five types of pancakes to satiate your inner foodie:

The American classic pancakes

The classic pancakes that we all know and love are the American variants. These are also known as flapjacks or hotcakes. These pillowy stacks of warm goodness can make any breakfast a grand event. They are the basic variants that are commonly made with flour, eggs, and sugar.

One of the essential ingredients in these pancakes is a baking powder that makes them fluffy. It also gives them a thicker consistency.While these pancakes are common breakfast food, you can enjoy them any time of the day. It is generally served with butter, maple syrup, powdered sugar, or even whipped cream. Sometimes you can mix the batter with blueberries, bananas, or chocolate chips for a richer taste.  


Martabak is a widely prevalent street food in Indonesia. It is also available in the Arabian Peninsula. This is a delightful dessert and a scrumptious pancake. It comes with a thick and delicious filling that makes it even more mouth-watering.

The more traditional fillings include crushed peanuts, sprinkled chocolates, condensed milk, sesame seeds, and even cheese. Also, there are many more unconventional ingredients that can be used as fillings. Martabak is a little denser and thicker than the traditional pancake that we are usually aware of.  This is due to the filling inside. They are an absolute favorite all around the globe. 


A serious discussion about pancakes is never complete without mentioning the classic European crepes. These delicious pancakes are available almost everywhere in Europe, ranging from small cafes to even roadside vendors.

Crepes are much thinner than normal pancakes and are hence much lighter on the stomach. You can enjoy a good pancake with sweet fillings and toppings like fruit, jam or chocolates. They also come with savory variants like spinach, eggs, cheese and ham.

Customizing your crepes is an endless journey, and they taste great in every form. For pancake Lovers, a crepe cake, which is layers of crepes stacked with filling in between, is a dream come true! 


Like the classic American pancake, people generally eat dosa as a breakfast food in India. But unlike the traditional ones, they are usually savory. Dosa Is made from a fermented batter of lentil and rice to make a crispy pancake.Interestingly, it is much thinner than the other variants.

A tangy tamarind chutney, a cool coconut chutney and a vegetable soup called sambar usually accompanies dosa. While you can enjoy it on its own, this delicacy is sometimes served with an enjoyable stuffing made from potato or with other delicious accompaniments. 


The African variant of pancakes is known as Injeri. A type of grass flour that originates from a plant called teff plate constitutes Injeri. You can enjoy Injera With vegetables and meat curries of different kinds.

It is a delicious meal that is not only enjoyed during breakfast but also throughout the day and is very close to Ethiopian and Eritrean cultures. As you can understand, this is also a savory pancake that people enjoy with other savory dishes.

The Pancake Heavens

Some of the most exciting places to enjoy pancakes include

  •       Pancakes on The Rocks in Australia
  •       Frank’s Bar and Grill in Canada
  •       Shorehouse Kitchen in the USA
  •       La Crêperie de Josselin in France
  •       Okonomimura in Japan
  •       Sanyog in India
  •       Smile Martabak in Singapore, and more.

On one hand, you have the famous classic pancakes that are popular all around the globe.On the other hand, there are the more exquisite version like the renowned Okonomiyaki of Japan. So, pancakes are truly versatile.