3 Sandwich Making Mistakes and Their Quick Fixes

National Grilled Cheese Sandwich is celebrated on April 12th in the US. It recognizes it as comfort food that changed dining forever. Americans eat over 300 million sandwiches daily due to their versatility, convenience, and affordability. It is said that an 18th century English aristocrat named John Montagu ordered his valet to pack meat between two bread pieces for supper, so he did not have to take a meal break while playing games.

Today the sandwich and sub-store franchise sector in America was valued at $20.56 billion in 2020 and was expected to reach $22.56 billion in 2021. It is one of the incredibly simplest meals yet sometimes you can still mess it up. This is because despite being a quick bite, small details must be kept in mind that will determine its look, taste, and texture. Below are a few tiny mistakes and how to avoid or fix them instantly.

1. Incorrect Slicing

Layering is no less than an art. Place the knife at the center of the loaf to cut it into clean equal halves. It will avoid the upper portion from being two to three times bigger than the base. The width will also remain the same which offers a uniform look. It helps balance the ratio of the filling and the bread too. The slices greatly impact the taste of a sandwich. For instance, thinner pieces make the flavor more prominent and desirable. If you are not able to get the right shape, simply get your falafels, shawarmas or chicken kebob sandwiches or a bag of evenly sliced pita bread to start off.

2. Basic Condiments

Herbs, salt and pepper, olive oil, mustard, mayonnaise, dressing, soy sauce and butter are a few common condiments. They can make or break your sandwich since using the same ones can be quite boring. Consider some delicious alternatives like lemon aioli or maple mustard dill to take your sandwich preparation to the next level. A few exotic ones that can titillate taste buds are harissa, ginger yellow or red curry, emulsified sauces, and fish sauces. Tahini and BBQ sauces are great too. But avoid putting them directly on the bread but instead spread them on the meat, cheese and veggies.

3. Forgetting to Create Texture

Texture adds a twist and is a simple way to make a sandwich an exciting meal for kids. The best ingredients are soft and hard cheese, nuts, sunflower seeds, potato chips and fresh crunchy herbs. You can toast the bread to stop it from going soggy and try mashed avocado with poached salmon for toppings in place of feta. Do not put damp veggies like lettuce before drying them well to maintain the crispiness.

Besides these, avoid packing the sandwich in plastic wraps. Use parchment paper instead. Increase the flavor profile by experimenting with out of the box items. Try not to overstuff the bread with a single ingredient. Lastly, avoid making the sandwich too tall. All the fillings and crumbs might ultimately end up on your shirt.