Month: February 2022

Food and health

Top Facts on Bodybuilding and Sports Supplements

Recently, it was reported in a local daily that millions of people worldwide take sports supplements hoping for a range of benefits including muscle building and weight loss. Unfortunately, some weight loss products are being sold illegally and can be harmful to users.   Sports supplements have become very popular amongst bodybuilders, weightlifters, and gym goers. […]

Food Guide

Mediterranean Vegetarian Buffet Ideas For Your Wedding

It has been estimated that 22% of people are vegetarian, choosing to have a diet that excludes meat and fish. When you are catering for your wedding, it is important that you offer at least a few vegetarian options for your guests. The food of the Mediterranean has a big focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients, […]

Food Recipes

Refreshing Beetroot salad: tasty yet nourishing!

This fresh creamy beetroot salad (similar to a Lebanese-style dish called Kh’yar bi laban) is made from simply 5 components (which include pink salt). This may be served as a dip, facet, and birthday celebration accompaniment! Plus, this beetroot yogurt salad recipe is healthful, low-carb, gluten-loose, and can be made dairy-free! I’m ever so barely […]